Ryan Nystrom - Lessons Learned with 3D Touch at Instagram

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Ryan Nystrom (https://twitter.com/_ryannystrom?lang=en) is an iOS Engineer at Instagram where he works on app infrastructure and the core platform. He is an avid open source contributor at Facebook on projects like AsyncDisplayKit (http://asyncdisplaykit.org) and at home with tools like RNFrostedSidebar (https://github.com/rnystrom/RNFrostedSidebar). Ryan is also a writer for Ray Wenderlich publishing tutorials and books like the new WatchOS 2 by Tutorials.

3D Touch is a new API that Apple released along with iOS 9 and the latest iPhone that adds a new dimension of interaction to your apps. There are also new tools that let you peek into content as well as access quick actions from the home screen. Instagram was one of the first apps to implement this new tech in their app. Come learn about how 3D Touch works, what Instagram learned about it first-hand, and how to add 3D Touch to your own apps.

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