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HUMANIST PILGRIMAGES (New Humanists Sunday Open House)

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Humanist House

10 Shepherd St, Chippendale · Sydney

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Humanist House is a few doors behind the old Hotel Broadway, just across and downhill towards the city from the Broadway Shopping Centre.

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Apologies. The intended topic of "Social Media as Self-Dehumanisation" has been postponed as our speaker had a family emergency.

On Sunday 28th May we will instead have an event celebrating sites of Humanist Pilgrimage around the world. Many have been visited personally by the speaker Murray Love. Murray will also explain the link to Humanism or the contribution of the person involved.

We'll look at sites and relics related to heroes of humanism like Bruno, Galileo, Darwin, Shelley, Russell, Hitchens, Socrates, Shakespeare, Sartre and others.

We'll explore a maze dedicated to remembering poor women hanged as witches in a Scottish village and exploring the ethical issues the case arouses.

For those unfamiliar with the notion of pilgrimage we'll briefly examine pilgrimage in religious cultures like Buddhism, Islam Christianity, Judaism, Paganism, ANZAC - ancient medieval, modern. Some ancient pilgrimage treks have found new followers among freethinkers taking a fresh new view.

Some sites will be special little places that have caught the eye of humanists around the world. Parts of the Berlin Wall, Doctor Who phoneboxes, Freethought halls, etc. Also curious products of human creation in museums around the world.

We'll look at special evocative places - Antarctica, Volcanoes, Mountains, Deserts. And Animal encounters - Pandas, Whales, Mammoths.

We'll go slowly, exploring Humanism along the way, and allowing participants to share their own stories of special feelings that far off and nearby places have aroused and encounters they have had that aroused special feelings.

You don't need religion to find meaning and inspiration in human achievements and awesome nature. Some go many miles to find an eclipse, some are building a special clock in a mountain to be a site for 10,000 years, sometimes amazing things just happen wherever you are.

Humanists value reason but enjoy the full range of emotions, and delight in travel and encounters with relics that bring insight and remembrance and reality to past heroes and enduring inspiring ideas.

Please come and enjoy a special day for travelers, those who plan to travel, and those who travel in their imagination to evocative places.

New Humanists Sunday Open House is for those new to Humanism, seeking to renew Humanism, having new perspectives on Humanism, or making new friendships in a Humanist community. Events are designed to appeal to all kinds of non-believers in a low noise atmosphere allowing time and space for good conversation on interesting topics.

Murray, Organizer