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The Million Volt March & the Declaration of Energy Independence

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Exhibition of machines that produce free energy

-The Million Volt March and the signing of the Declaration of Energy Independence*

the Million Volt March will commence at Independence National Park and will run throughout the weekend as more independent participants step forward. All that participate will be taking their first symbolic steps towards free energy in celebration of energy independence. Upon signing the Declaration of Energy Independence, your name will become a part of Tesla Science Foundation history. Listed names will be put on display at the Tesla Science Foundation’s Tesla Spirit Gala Benefit held at the New Yorker Hotel every January. All proceeds raised from this movement will be donated to the Tesla Science Foundation’s traveling exhibit, the restoration effort of the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe and TFS sponsored free energy projects. Preregister now for a chance to win a special gift from the Tesla Science Foundation.

The Million Volt March is a philanthropic global breakthrough energy movement dedicated to building awareness and support for TSF’s traveling educational exhibit, the restoration of Tesla Science Center laboratory site, the Tesla Memorial Society, and free energy inventors around the world continuing the legacy of Nikola Tesla. The Tesla Science Foundation’s Declaration of Energy Independence needs your support to help build this new energy paradigm envisioned by the late great Nikola Tesla.

The MVM originated in Colorado Springs where Tesla produced some of his greatest works. The Million Volt March will begin in Philadelphia on July 6th. The march will set out from the front of the Independence National Park Visitor Center and head towards the National Constitution Center. It will follow the brick path outlining TSF sanctioned route around Independence National Park. As the first group returns from the March they will receive a Tesla Science Foundation pin as they sign the Declaration of Energy Independence. Participant’s names will be honored by TSF and presented every year. All others that wish to follow the signing and route of the Million Volt March throughout the 6th and 7th are free to do so in support of energy independence and they too will be acknowledged at our ceremony in Jan as all names of march participants will be placed on display.

We understand that not everyone will be able to participate in the physical march. We ask that you take part symbolically in the online Million Volt March by donating $1 dollar in the name of your first step today.


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