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What we’re about

Messi/Deyna... you are the best! <br>

This is a Friendly, yet competitive adult coed pickup soccer. All levels WELCOME, but be aware!...not all games are meant for beginners!! We post pickup games 3-4 days/week in Nutley, NJ - Turf Field and other locations. We also organized Scrimmages vs other Competitive groups so we can have even more fun! oOH YeEAH!!

We encourage you to Invite friends, respect other players, respect the rules of each game, and have FUN.

This is a friendly, yet competitive environment for players of all levels; where we do not judge, criticize, bully, or put other players down in any way, but we help, encourage and support others. I know It sounds sweet but it has to be said.

Messi, for you and Me:

...To keep it organized ...less of a headache and totally fun...



- Coed <br>- Respect other players <br>- No Fighting allowed <br>- We don't want to let you go, but No Shows will be noticed and rules will be enforced. Read more in #4. <br>** We would like your feedback about anything you consider important, including suggested meet up games on different dates, times or locations. Also, do not hesitate to inform your interest on being part of the leading team, or about leading a game on other locations. <br>IMPORTANT: Waiver letter signed is required starting September 01-2017. <br>- Locations: Our main field is in Nutley NJ 07110 with a permit. We use other fields near by for extra dates (no more than a mile away)


- Pinnies provided for all pickup games when 50 degrees or lower. It's best to bring your own jersey colors when it's warmer. We have Blue, Red, and Neon-Yellow <br>- Be on time. If you are running late send the organizer a message/text. It's ok to be late if you inform us so we know. <br>- No Slide Tackle allowed. We all need to go to work the next day. <br>- Only Main Organizer for the pickup game make the CALLS regarding rules, organization, teams, timing, etc. <br>- When we play on the enclosed field: We have lost so many soccer balls already so it's required to run and chase the ball right away if you kick it over the fence. The player who loses the ball is responsible for the full cost of that Ball before leaving. <br>- If you bring guests: Please make sure they know our rules of play including the fees according to each game. <br>- When we have more than 16 players: 3-4 Teams (depending on the Field Size) Play 8 minutes or 2 goals→ Next Team!. The first 16 people to arrive will play with blue and red. The others play with Neon Yellow. <br>- You won't be able to play after 3 pickup games without handing off the waiver. <br>- The player must clean up before leaving the field and locker/benches area. Littering is not permitted and can cause us to lose the permit.


The main goal when playing scrimmages is to lift the competitive spirit that we all have as soccer players. We get tired of playing with the same guys every single week so what do we do? We play vs other competitive soccer groups. We encourage you to join us, follow the rules and have fun! We are acting like an Adult Soccer Club.

- Coed. We play COED even if the other team is not. <br>- Respect other players <br>- No Fighting allowed <br>- Scrimmages have a small fee depending but not limited to Referee fees, Field Fees, Meetup Fees, Organizer Fees. It goes from $3 to max $12. We always try to keep it in a range of $3-$4. <br>- We don't want to let you go, but No Shows will not be tolerated. The time that takes to just organized 1 single scrimmage is unthinkable. No showing up is disrespectful, stressful, a headache for the Organizers and the team.


To Run a meetup like this one (the best in the area We must say) requires money and a lot a lot of time which at the end is Money. The fees are affordable and very very low. If for some reason you can't afford $1-$3 fees per game just talk to the Organizers and they will help you OUT. <br>Always be thankful for our locations and the excellent organization that is being provided. $1-3 fees include the equipment that is provided and maintenance of that equipment (pinnies + lost pinnies, soccer balls + lost soccer balls). Our Fees do not include field fees.

The fees that are collected go to:<br>- monthly fees including Winter Season when we don't have a $ free facility where to play at. <br>- Maintenance/cleaning of 10-30 Pinnies after every single pickup game. Just Think about the soaking sweat pinnies you leave when the game is over and think about how thankful you should be that someone else is taking care of it for you.  It requires time and money to wash/dry them. <br>- Lost Soccer Balls. So far close to $320 by the end of Aug 2018. <br>- Organizing time 2-3 Hours per session + the commitment/responsibility to organize and show up even if we the Organizers can't play or are tired, etc. <br>- Replacing missing pinnies or other equipment. <br>- Fees of $1-3 per session do not cover field fees. Otherwise, the fee would be around $10-15.

Monetary Donations for equipment and Organizers are always well appreciated.

Sincerely, <br>G & J & F & C

Messi/Deyna my friend this is your waiver: We don't want (or the town) to be sued by the Barcelona FC just because you got hurt. ok? <br>By requesting membership and taking part in this group activity, I ______________________________hereby agree to the rules and regulations of this meetup adult soccer group. In addition, I acknowledge I'm playing at my own risk. No members of the leadership team for this meet up group (organizers and/or hosts) will be held responsible for any injuries or mishaps which can occur while partaking in the games to me or my guests. <br>*Printed or Handwritten.