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Epigenetics will be the healthcare of the 21st century!

At the beginning of the nutrition field, over 80 years ago, research was done on macronutrients... how to eat and mix proteins and carbohydrates on a plate. Then, years later the science migrated to adding micronutrients like vitamins, minerals and herbs to our diets in the form of supplements. This was important since we are getting very little in our food. However, in 1996 the study of epigenetics began. There are ingredients in foods that can affect your genes. What if there was a simple, proven way to turn good genes on, turn bad genes off ? Do you have the high cholesterol gene? What if you could improve upon the genetic code your parents left and even pass on those healthy egpigentices to your own kids? There is a way, and it is all backed with 16 years of research on epigenetics and over 80 clinical studies (55+ on cancer). If you haven't heard about EPIGENETICS and the first ingredient proven to work on epigenetic level (pure lunasin), you will soon. It has been on the news, in magazines, on the radio and TV than keep your ears open.

The purpose of this meetup group is to provide information. Please check out the discussions part of this Meetup for additional information that I will post on epigenetics.


Everyone is busy so I believe in communicating and getting to know each other through computers, webinars, and phone calls ........everything is an option as a meetup. I put Takelunasin.com together as a simple way to explain epigenetics and lunasin. My husband and I have been full time sharing this blessing now for 9 years. Let us educate you too! We have an office in Salem NH where we have presentations weekly that are open to the public. We help people with their health, then many decide to share it with others or get a discount.

Our meetup group is to help provide information for those who have health issues and to share our personal experiences of healing through nutrition and through the only dietary ingredient on the market proven to work on the epigenetic level. I have been helping others for 20 years with cellular nutrition, now is the time to get the word out about epigenetics. Let's get together !!! Or email (askstephaniecollins@gmail.com) or call me 603-362-6066.


The body can heal if given the proper nutrition.

"Let thy food be thy medicine." See what epigenetics can do for athletes!


Before I personally discovered nutrition and other natural alternatives, our family had airborne allergies, food allergies, rages, learning disabilities, sinus infections and more. Our whole family had Lyme at one point also. Nutrition changed our lives 20 years ago. Since educating ourselves to the possibilities of nutrition, I have been sharing information to help others. There must be other people in our area that have health issues and want to learn more about the possibilities .................... there is hope. Please email me or call me if you are too far away from our Salem NH office. We have webinars where you can learn more directly from Dr Galvez!

God Bless you!

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Every Tuesday evening we have an educational presentation and once a month we have a breakfast saturday presentation on epigenetics, pure lunasin, cellular nutrition, why we need to look towards epigenetics as the answer for our health and our children's health. The last 10 minutes is how to get a discount. Many people are disabled who come to us. I have NEVER seen anything like lunasin. I encourage you to call us.

If you are someone who has interest in epigenetics because you love to help others, and you need an income call us directly. We earned $90,000 last year helping people with lunasin. Find out if this could benefit you. My daughter who is 25 and has a huge heart to help others is building a business too. Young or retired or mom or dad.... anyone can do it. This is real science and not RA RA if you know what I mean.

Email me at [masked], or call me[masked] and I can send along details on the studies 80+ studies (over 55 on cancer.) We are EXTEMELY busy since Channel 5 news got a hold of this in Boston. CALL US SO WE CAN BRING A PACKET OF INFORMATION. Also we have a webinar where you can listen to Dr Galvez speak on lunasin and epigenetics AND for medical people we have a medical webinar for doctors. PLEASE INQUIRE. It would benefit you.

God Bless!

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