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The History of ColdFusion Frameworks

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Dan Fredericks is the manager of this user group, and he will take you on this journey:

This talk will look back over the history of ColdFusion to look at one of the great innovation, the use of Frameworks. We will look at the:Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of many ColdFusion Frameworks in use today. This talk will show how frameworks came into existence from the early methodologies, right up to the newest frameworks. This talk will discuss how some framework used convention, while others use configuration, or how this framework has many plugin “boxes” but this framework started out as just coding standards and evolved into its own language. Frameworks are not just MVC but are also Dependency Injection or ORM, or Rest or Testing and more. I am going to put many of these frameworks together in one sequence to show how they continue to help us do our jobs easier and quicker.

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