A Tale of Two Type Systems

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416 W 13th St #207 · New York, ny

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2nd floor, attendees should use the buzzer at the front entrance to get inside by dialing #207.

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Hey everyone! We have another talk for ny-scala, this time hosted by GIPHY. Our speaker this time will be Aesa Kamar. Our hosts this time have limited guest capacity, so please RSVP only if you plan on coming, we'll appreciate it :). As usual, doors will open at 6:30pm and we'll get started at 7:00pm.


What are typeclasses and why do so many functional libraries use them? How do they fit into our standard understanding of inheritance and interfaces? What systems in the language exist that are designed to help us think about and model programs?

We live in a time where communities seem to quickly become polarized. Some new companies and community members who would have initially considered Scala are instead looking to Kotlin, while others are jumping ship completely for the purer shores of Haskell. From strong foundations, I'll try and make the case that Scala still fulfills a viable niche and continues to be a great tool for modeling problems.

About Aesa

Aesa is a software engineer and a self-identified math enthusiast. He enjoys building powerful tooling and clever abstractions to help his team solve interesting problems. He's worked on lots of projects ranging from open-access government, to eSports livestreaming.