Christmas Day Run in the Bronx

This is a past event

16 people went

Location image of event venue


The plan for the Christmas Run is to run a 6.5 mile looped course. You can choose how many loops you wish to run!

The Parks Dept. has notified us that any free runs posted on our specific New York Trail & Ultra Running meetup or Facebook Page which has over 19 people signed up must apply for and be granted a “special events” permit from the NYC Parks Dept. We must pay all fees and meet all insurance and other requirements associated with this “special events permit”.

The Parks Dept. for some reason has singled out our specific meetup and group to meet these requirements. Our meetup runs charge no fees, and merely provide a forum for groups of citizens to get together to go for runs. Hundreds of other groups of over 20 people continue to operate year after year in NYC Parks without notification or requirements of “special events permits” from the Parks Dept.

It has been made clear we will potentially be sued for providing a forum (meetup) for people to get together for free in City Parks and that we are “endangering public safety” for allowing groups of more than 19 to assemble for free in NYC Parks.

Going forward we will be limiting the amount of attendees to our meetups in NYC Parks to 19 people out of fear of retribution from the Parks Dept. You are welcome to create and lead your own groups of 19 people outside this meetup but in no way will your runs be officially associated with our meetup or our group.

For the runs which we previously encouraged to take place in Van Cortlandt Park we plan on no longer meeting in Van Cortlandt Park. The Parks Dept. obviously has major issues with people appearing in groups to run in the Park which poses a major danger to public safety and the Parks Dept. resources.

For future runs the meeting point for our meetups in the Bronx will be Lloyds Carrot cake located at 6087 Broadway. Bronx NY 10471. It is up to you whether to run in Van Cortlandt Park located across the street, run in the neighborhoods of Riverdale, run south towards Manhattan or run north to a friendly and less hostile government in Yonkers located in Westchester County.

This meetup group does not encourage or suggest you run in Van Cortlandt Park. The choice of where to run is solely determined by you. This meetup is an information forum that simply provides ideas and suggestions of how people can be social, get together and to help people lead healthier and more active lifestyles.