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Mobile ASP.Net Web Forms - Making the impossible possible

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In this session, I will show you how to take your bland ASP.Net web application and make it available in a form factor for mobile browsers without re-writing your entire application. I will also show you how to scale your application for tablets, and handle all of the functionality in a DRY manner.

Key take-aways from this session will include:
* Ability to adapt your existing application to handle phone and tablet screen sizes
* Ability to re-use logic in your current application in new form factors
* Knowledge and comfort around testing your web application for various device screen sizes

About the Speaker

Jeffrey T. Fritz is a Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider and Developer Advocate for Telerik with over 15 years of experience building large-scale multi-tenant web applications in the software-as-a-service model. After building applications with ASP, ASP.NET ( and now ASP.NET ( MVC, he is crazy about building web sites for all sizes on any device. Check out his blog at and learn how you can adapt your website to work everywhere too.

This meeting will be held at the Microsoft offices as usual. Check the Meetup site for details!