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Getting Started with TypeScript in Your Existing Project

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You've heard that TypeScript enables optional strong-typing for JavaScript, and you've seen a few "Hello World" demos that look promising. But how easy is it, really, to start using TypeScript in your existing real-word JavaScript application? Is it actually possible to gain the benefits of a strongly-typed language at develop time while keeping the flexibility and broad compatibility of standards-based JavaScript?

In this talk, Steve Ognibene will share the real story of how he converted one of his business applications to TypeScript. This talk will not focus on green-field demos; it will reveal the actual techniques that he used to move things over - including what worked well and what really didn't.

Along the way, Steve will discuss finding the sweet spot on the "slider bar" between loosely-typed JS and explicitly-typed TS (hint: you don't have to type everything). He will share some of the pain points he encountered when getting started with TypeScript, and how he worked around them. In particular, Steve will discuss how to navigate the in-between time when some parts of your project have been migrated to TS, and some parts remain as plain-JS.

Demos in this presentation will include using DefinitelyTyped on GitHub; creating TS definitions from scratch; developing a build script with Node.js and Grunt-ts for automating unit tests, linting, and minification; debugging TS "natively" using source maps; and possibly even using TS on a non-Microsoft OS.

About the Speaker

Steve Ognibene has been developing web applications since 2001; first in VB Script with classic ASP and then in VB.NET with ASP.NET. Steve was involved in the first wave of dynamic web programming in the IE 5.5 "DHTML" days, along with working as an NT 4 admin and KiXtart scripter. From 2004 to 2008, Steve traveled the U.S. doing systems management and automation consulting on SMS, SCCM, and Active Directory. In 2004, he wrote "Steve O's Collection Membership Wizard" - a well-loved app for SMS 2003 still used by dozens of major companies around the world.

Steve started at his current job in the summer of 2008 with a Fortune 100 energy company in New York City. His role is to develop desktop, web, and back-end software for the company's Treasury, Accounting, and HR departments using C#, VB.NET and SQL Server. Recently, Steve has been working to improve the quality of his team's software by implementing unit tests in the database with tSQLt, and strong typing in client-side web code with TypeScript. He picked up PowerShell with the goal to "automate all the things", and he has recently been learning Node.JS. Steve has recently contributed to the open source Glimpse ASP.NET diagnostics project, and he is working on a pure client-side HTML 5- and TypeScript-based Internet Spaceship fitting library for players of EVE Online.

Steve's blog is at ( You can also reach Steve at the following locations: | | [masked]

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