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Testing Anti-Patterns: Slow, Flaky or Totally Unclear? Building Great Tests from Bad, Or Bar

With mobile applications growing in size and complexity, a good testing suite is essential to ensuring that fixing one bug doesn’t unintentionally cause another.

While it’s common to get discouraged when first learning to write tests, it’s essential to learn from what your mistakes are telling you. This talk will address some pervasive missteps developers make and provide practical advice on how to build a great new test from the ruins of your old one.

Dependency Injektion with Koin and Kodein, Zachary Smith

Currently, Dagger 2 is the go-to library for implementing dependency injection in our Android apps. However, with the rise of Kotlin in Android development, DI libraries like Koin and Kodein are getting a lot of attention. But what do these libraries offer and why would we want to switch?

In this talk, I'll start off with an overview of what dependency injection is and how Dagger provides this for us. Then I will discuss some of Dagger's short comings and how we can use Koin and Kodein as alternatives, albeit with some important trade-offs to consider.

Thanks to Tumblr for hosting us!

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