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"Know Your Enemy" Project: religious trends and the religious right wing

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"Know Your Enemy" Project:  religious trends and the religious right wing


Last year in the New York State Senate, the same-sex marriage equality bill was defeated by a much wider margin than nearly anyone in the GLBT rights movement expected. Why?

Surely, one reason was the recent surge in strength of the religious right wing. The religious right wing, like many political movements, has had its ups and downs over the years. Every time it suffers a defeat, all too many pundits have pronounced it dead. But it always comes back.

Tonight we'll examine the various religious movements that have sustained the religious right wing. These include not just Falwell-esque evangelicals, but also conservative Catholics, Pentecostal and Charismatic Christians, Mormons, and ultra-Orthodox Jews.

Our main focus will be on a new and rapidly-growing, explicitly theocratic religious movement that has had a major role in the religious right wing recently, but which, so far, has been largely ignored by the mass media: the "New Apostolic Reformation." (See Diane Vera's recent post Why it's important to expose the NAR ( on Talk To Action.) We'll discuss what the NAR is and brainstorm ways to expose it.

Our meeting, over dinner, will be preceded and followed by some time for informal socializing.

We welcome all who oppose the religious right wing. We especially welcome people who can inform us about issues affecting their own particular minority group or subculture.

Location and how to find us: We'll be meeting at a Chinese restaurant on 7th Avenue, near Rockefeller Center. (The exact address, and other details, will be visible to you once you join this Meetup group.) The nearest subway stop is 49th Street on the N, R, and W lines (7th Avenue). Other nearby subway stops are 50th Street on the 1 line (Broadway), 50th Street on the E and C lines (8th Avenue), 47th to 50th Street on the B, D, F, and V lines (6th Avenue), and 7th Avenue on the B, D, and E lines (53rd Street). For those coming from outside the city, Pearls is also approximately a 15-minute walk from Penn Station and approximately a 10-minute walk from Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Ask a waiter for "New Yorkers Against Religion-Based Bigotry."

We'll be at a table in the UPSTAIRS part of the restaurant. There will be some NYARBB literature on the table.

732 7th Avenue, between 48th and 49th Streets · New York, NY