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Mars Retrograde: What it Means, How To Cope
Mars goes retro in Aquarius on June 25th, and goes all the way back to Capricorn before going direct on Aug 26th. What does that mean? Come and find out. This will be three separate presentations by astrologers Danny Larkin, Bart Lidofsky and Kirk Kahn, not just one, so you will get a number of viewpoints on the topic. ___________________________________ “Intro to Mars Retrograde” ~ Danny Larkin Let’s look at the astronomy of mars retrograde and how mars appears to move slowly backwards in the sky during this period, and differentiate it with mercury retrograde. Then we will turn to the specific timing of this summer’s mars retrograde and it’s particular emphasis in Capricorn and Aquarius and how to seize the opportunities the summer brings "Mars Retrograde in Transits" ~ Bart Lidofsky Mars retrograde in transits, and (in the time allotted), a look at a couple of sample charts. "Integrating the Principles of Mars" ~ Kirk Kahn Moving into the world of action and experience so that we can truly understand and integrate the principle of Mars on more than just an intellectual level. We will collectively empower each other to live the highest potential of Mars. ________________________________________ BIOS: Danny Larkin is the President of the Association for Young Astrologers. He studies ancient astrology with Demetra George, Robert Hand and Chris Brennan and modern astrology with the Uk Faculty of Astrological Studies and NCGR, where he is certified NCGR level 1. Danny sees clients in New York and writes astro roasts for the Broadly content channel of Vice. Bart Lidofsky has been practicing astrology for almost a quarter of a century. He hopes to get it right, someday. Bart started out reading Tarot cards in 1973, but expanded his studies into astrology in 1994. Some people can't stick to anything. Tarot author Rachel Pollack referred to him in her book, "Forest of Souls" as "a man who knows everything." He doesn't, just talks like someone who thinks he does. Bart was featured in the article,"Is it Time To Take Astrology Seriously?" on and "Can an astrologer beat the pundits for tonight's debate?" on Bart is also a theosophist, and has been a member and lecturer at the New York Theosophical Society for several decades, as well as being a former Vice President of the Theosophical Society's Northeast Federation. Kirk Kahn organizes the astrology meetup and founded After 16 years of helping to build the astrological world, our combined psychic network contributed to his Kundalini Awakening on December 17th 2017. One that day, Kirk Kahn (the socialized self) took a backseat to the unfolding Authentic Self - Ducky Doo, a composite of psychic inputs from the astrological community as we awaken to our hive mind potential and evolve into higher intelligence. He will take you on a journey to discover the highest potential Mars and teach you how to take charge of your life. Mars is the first step to personal empowerment.

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