Aspects in Astrology


It's August, so we will be having a less formal meeting as is our tradition. Attendees will be able to pose questions all night to professional astrologers about aspects in astrology.

Three of our organizers will give "mini-presentations".

Anthony Picco will be talking about the underlying ideas and foundation of aspects.

Maria Wander will be talking about the concept of the Thema Mundi, the chart of the world in Hellenistic Astrology and what it reveals about aspects. (you can look it up in advance or be surprised)

Bart Lidofsky will be talking about several minor aspects frequently used by astrologers.

It should be fun for all! The Quest has just had a major maintenance done on the air conditioning system. So it will be cool, which is always welcome when the Sun is in Leo (at least in New York!).


A suggested donation is $5 (or more) and very VERY much appreciated, but please know whatever you can afford is acceptable. Donations collected pay our rent, fees, beverages and snacks, and speaker!

PS: If you show up a little early, the Quest Bookshop is an excellent source of many metaphysical books, crystals, incense, tarot decks, pendulums and much more. It is well worth browsing. They close at 7 pm.

The meetup takes place at the Theosophical Society, which is next door to the Quest Bookshop. You may enter through the bookshop before 7 pm (when it closes) or to the left of the bookshop after 7 pm. A sign will be posted on the door you can enter. The following is a rough outline. The meetup will start at 7 pm SHARP.

7–7:30 - Intros, announcements, and a short talk sharing some astrological fundamentals, especially for beginners, or else an open Q & A about ANY astrological topic

7:30–7:55 - Anthony Picco - Foundation of Aspects
8:00–8:25 - Maria Wander - The Thema Mundi
8:25 -8:35 - Break
8:35-9:00 - Bart Lidofsky - Minor Aspects
9:00 -9:30 - Chatting and Putting Away Chairs

As usual, people who want to continue the discussion after 9:30 PM are welcome to go to Roma Pizza on East 52nd Street and 2nd Avenue!