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What we’re about

Looking to join a group to play some escape games around the NYC area? Lock yourself in here with us, then!

Never played an escape room before? Never fear! We welcome both the experienced and first timers in our group! It takes all kinds of mindsets for escape rooms, and often new players bring something to the table as much as the experienced do. It's also a great way to meet people and make friends!

For the uninitiated: Escape rooms, or escape games, are exciting hour-long adventure games that take place in rooms full of puzzles and mysteries. You and a squad of people work together to find clues and solve said puzzles, to try and escape before time runs out!

We meet up, have some food and drinks before or after, and have a great time cracking these rooms. Whether you're new or old to escape rooms, try one of our meetups this month!

Our mission is to:

-- Support local escape room businesses
-- Help others find people to play escape rooms with
-- Bring the community together and create friendships

Our group is sponsored by Morty, an app dedicated to tracking, searching and booking escape rooms! Built by enthusiasts for all who love escape rooms! You can join the app right now with this link:

Check out our discord and join in on the discussion here: