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Building a Better SQL Type Provider with Ross McKinlay

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In this deep dive Ross will take us through the new open source erasing SQL Type Provider which provides instant typed access to a variety of SQL data sources with no code generation. The provider has a pluggable back end allowing access to many SQL like data sources including Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle, PostgreSql, MySql and MS Access.

Non-trivial type provider topics will be covered, including :

* Overall type provider architecture and design

* The separation and interaction points of design-time and run-time types

* Implementation of LINQ and IQueryable in a type provider

* The usage of Active Patterns to process Expression trees


Ross has been accidentally wiping hard drives and melting transistors into his fingers since he can remember. He has a wide experience of computer software spanning 20+ years, from games programming to fraud prevention, trading software to research, and a whole bunch of stuff in between. Ross also enjoys tinkering with electronics and robots, and taking over the world in general.