• Field trip to the NYVR / NYCVRU meetups on Thurs June 23

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    This is an open invite to join us at these two meetup events taking place at Microsoft on Thursday June 23: please RSVP ASAP! - tickets will sell out quickly: http://www.meetup.com/NYVR-Virtual-Reality-NYC/ also on the same night (but same location) is the VRminiConf: http://www.meetup.com/NYCVRU/ It's a mega-VR night which is happening during CEWeek (http://ceweekny.com/) and Games for Change (http://www.gamesforchange.org/) hope to see you there - please RSVP at corresponding sites and not here!

  • Hackathon TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016

    Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

    http://techcrunch.com/event-info/disrupt-ny-2016/disrupt-ny-hackathon-2016/ Tickets have just opened up again - RSVP there (not here) - you can also just attend the Sunday closing.

  • IoT: Brillo and Weave A First Look

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    Featured speaker: Allen Firstenberg (https://developers.google.com/experts/people/allen-firstenberg) Brillo and Weave: A First Look At Google I/O 2015, Google announced it would be launching projects based around the Internet of Things. This January at the Ubiquity Developers Summit people got the first chance to learn about Weave, a communications protocol, and Brillo, an embedded operating system. At this presentation, we'll learn about how each of these projects work, why Google has launched them, and why you (as a manufacturer, developer, and consumer) should care. We'll even have a first look at some hardware and code using Brillo and Weave. .Lightning Talk: Google Vision API Google has recently released the Google Vision API, allowing you to tap into Google's neural network to analyze your photos. The API provides a quick, network based, way to identify brand logos, landmarks, objects, facial features, facial reactions, and possibly NSFW images. If you've used Google Photos, you're already using similar technology, but now you can easily integrate it into your own project with just a few lines. We'll see how.

  • January NYC-GDG meeting: Dependency Injection, Firebase, Polymer,etc

    Sword Fighting with Dagger - Mikhail Nakhimovich Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control are great pattern for modern Java development. Mikhail will walk us through setting up Dagger 2, Google's new DI library as well as lessons learned from managing hundreds of objects in the NYT Android App. Topics will include: Obect Scoping, Lazy instantiation and a demystification of Dagger generated code. Prior Android knowledge is helpful but not required. Bio: Mikhail is a Senior Android Engineer who loves all things Open Source. After transitioning from Java Spring development, he has spent the last 3 years building Android Apps for startups before landing as the perforamance guru on the NY Times Android Framework Team. He hopes to one day find a way to speed up reflection from Android. Location sponsored by WeWork Lightning talks are welcome. Please contact the organizers or post ideas here. Please also post topics that you are interested in. Ralph Yozzo will discuss the "dangers of Javascript" and usages of Polymer and Firebase in applications such as social predictions, and civic data.

  • Dec GDG Meetup: Holiday Fest with TensorFlow!

    Google Chelsea Market Office

    Join our festive special event featuring: "What's new in Dagger" and more... AND featuring a special talk from Google's Joshua Gordon (https://plus.google.com/u/0/101059494947772151859?prsrc=4) on TensorFlow In case you haven't heard, Google just open sourced their artificial intelligence engine, TensorFlow! We are still looking for lightning talk speakers (just a few slots left!) Mark your calendars! Additional details coming soon! postponed until next year... "Javascript gotchas with advanced Firebase programming" Ralph Yozzo will discuss Javascript features that are very important especially for Firebase clients. Also imagine you want to use Firebase to store user bank account information or any information that is not user writable. How would you do that? We'll discuss one approach.

  • Nov GDG Meetup: Android and VR (Cardboard, Tango)

    Google Chelsea Market Office

    Guest speaker: Toni Cruthirds Toni Cruthirds is a product manager at The New York Times. Her portfolio currently includes NYT VR for Android and iPhone, and NYTimes for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. She previously worked in ad systems for the Times and as a web producer at Scholastic. We'll also be reviewing Cardboard and Tango VR with demos and code. links: https://developers.google.com/cardboard/overview https://developers.google.com/project-tango/developer-overview If you'd like to demo a Cardboard or Tango app - we'll have time open for lightning talks!

  • DevFest 2015: Firebase And Google Cloud Platform Hackathon

    VENUE The event will be held at the Water Tower Cafe within Google NYC. The address is 111 8th Avenue. Please enter by the entrance near 16th Street and 8th Avenue (closer to Citibank). We will have registration set up here. Please aim to be here between 8:15 and 8:30am so we can get everyone registered and into the venue before the event kicks off at 8:45am. LOGISTICS We are limiting attendance and will be selecting participants from those who register using the form here: http://bit.ly/gdg-devfest2015-cfp Confirmed participants will have their RSVPs updated on the related GDG chapter page (GDG New York, North Jersey or Hudson Valley). We will also be inviting confirmed participants to a Slack community for pre-, during, and post- hackathon discussions. Preliminary Agenda: https://firehack.splashthat.com/ Google Mentors: (alphabetical by last name) • Yufeng Guo - Cloud/Firebase • Bret McGowen - Cloud/Firebase • Martin Omander - Firebase/BizDev • Elizabeth Padilla - BizDev/Pitch • Jeffrey Posnick - Polymer/Firebase • Terence Ryan - Cloud/ComputeEngine GDG Mentors: (alphabetical by last name) • Lloyd Cledwyn - Polymer/Firebase • Dario Laverde - Android/Wear • Todd Nakamura - BizDev/Cloud/React • Nitya Narasimhan - React/Polymer/Firebase/Android • Hendrix Tavarez - Android/Golang /Cloud • Sylvia Wandahwa - BizDev • Ralph Yozzo - Firebase/Cloud Invited Mentors: • (Presto/Wear) Sumeet Thadani • (Wear/Design/Web) Allen Firstenberg • (Angular/GAE/GCE) Ajai Khattri • (BizDev/Pitch) Aiko Thurlow

  • Oct GDG: Polymer 1.0, Android Wear (& DevFest)

    Google Chelsea Market Office

    5:30pm Doors Open 6:00pm DevFest Announcement: GDG North Jersey, GDG New York and GDG Hudson Valley are organizing a 48-hour "DevFest" hackathon on Nov 7-8. We'll share some early information about this. Organizers: Todd & Sylvia (GDG NJ),Hendrix (GDG HV), Dario & Ralph (GDG NY), Nitya (GDG NY & GDG HV) 6:15pm FEATURED TALK: POLYMER 1.0(Speaker: Jeff Posnick (http://www.meetup.com/NYC-GDG/members/10822087), Google) Polymer reached 1.0 status in June 2015, followed by an extremely informative Polymer Summit (https://www.polymer-project.org/summit) in September. This is the time to get started with Polymer if you haven't already done so!! Jeff Posnick (Developer Advocate for Chrome @Google) will do a deep-dive into Polymer 1.0. 7:00pm Presto: Gestural Interfaces for Android Wear (Speaker: Sumeet Thadani (http://www.meetup.com/NYC-GDG/members/37214792)) Learn to build applications which respond to Hand Gestures (snaps, flicks, and other hand movements). This session will cover implementation of the Presto library, which uses sensor data from Android Wear devices to build a new category of UI. Participants will be shown how to build a simple working gesture application and learn best practices for working with gesture. Details at http://presto.watch (http://presto.watch/). Speaker Bio: Sumeet is the founder of Presto, which makes it easy to integrate gesture interfaces into any application paired with Android Wear. Formerly he worked at Wall Street firms in Algorithmic Trading, and was also a founding member of the LimeWire team. 7:30pm "Redefining watch faces for Android Wear" (Speakers: Shaun Tollerton (http://www.meetup.com/NYC-GDG/members/12418407), Vasiliy Kulakov, Jim VanNest) Speaker Bios: ustwo (http://wear.ustwo.com/) is a digital product studio that works with brands to launch products, and that has also been creating things for the Android Wear community (https://ustwo.com/what-we-do/ustwo-android-wear-hub) since 2014. Shaun Tollerton (@tollerton) is the Product Designer on ustwo watch faces (http://wear.ustwo.com/) with Vasiliy Kulakov (@ReallyVasiliy) as the Developer and Jim VanNest (@jimvannest) handling Quality Assurance. 8:00pm Firebase + X : Lightning Talks (5 mins each) Firebase is billed as a "Backend as a Service" product where developers can effectively build an application by working only with a front-end technology, allowing Firebase to act as both the real-time database and the application hosting environment. We are looking for lightning talks that feature usage of Firebase with different front-end technologies. Sign up if you want to speak on the topic or have an app to show. 8:30pm Close

  • Sep GDG Meetup: GoLang Workshop w/GothamGo

    Google Chelsea Market Office

    This September, we are partnering with the organizers of the GothamGo conference (http://gothamgo.com/) (GDG discount available with the code go2015kickoff (https://gothamgo2015.eventbrite.com/?discount=go2015kickoff)) to run a special event on the Go Programming Language (https://golang.org/). While we welcome developers with all levels of experience in golang, we plan to make the agenda beginner friendly. AGENDA: 5:30pm Doors Open 6:00pm Featured Talk: "Introduction to Go" Abstract: Learn about the origins of Go, and what makes it special. We'll talk about the community around it, the design philosophy that drives the language, a glimpse at the language itself, and a(n abbreviated) survey of the ecosystem. Bio: Sean Swehla (http://www.meetup.com/NYC-GDG/members/13764073) is currently a Senior Software Engineer at DigitalOcean. He has worked in front-end, back-end, and middleware, in industries ranging from healthcare to disaster management to telecommunications. In his free time he likes to make anything electronic, play with liquid nitrogen, and encourage makers of all types at Squidwrench (http://squidwrench.org/) in Highland, NY 7:00pm "Go can make you better at your job, if you let it." Abstract: Go is not-so-quietly asking us to make some serious changes to the way we programmers think about software architecture. Some of those changes go against long-held beliefs in the field of computer science. This talk outlines how Go's approach can be abstracted to help us be not just better programmers, but better at our jobs in general. Speaker Bio: Brendan O'Brien (https://github.com/brendanobrienesq) is the CTO of Ivy (http://www.ivymdl.com/), a startup in the Fashion & Modeling industry. He's been writing Go for 3 years, or roughly long enough to make all the silly mistakes. When Brendan's not writing writing Go, he's thinking about the role programmers & technology play in the world. When he's not doing any of those things, he's working on this talk, or something else. 7:30 pm "Deploying a Go app using Docker" Abstract: Docker provides a lightweight way of building, testing and deploying applications on a variety of clouds. But it really shines during development where it can be used locally to quickly build/test your stack. Speaker Bio: Ajai Khattri (http://www.meetup.com/NYC-GDG/members/10516073) is aPolyglot web/mobile developer and sys admin with over 20 years experience working in very small startups and large companies. Currently building a mobile social messaging startup in NYC. 8:00pm Lightning Talks (Preview) "Firebase + Polymer" (Ralph Yozzo) Ralph will do a shorter version(preview) of a longer talk he is working on that will showcase the use of a Polymer front-end with Firebase. The talk will cover concepts like Firebase usage, security and data structuring. 8:30pm Wrap-up & Doors Close RESOURCES: • Tour Of Go (https://tour.golang.org/welcome/1) -- official GoLang tutorial • IO 2014 Codelab (http://io2014codelabs.appspot.com/static/codelabs/go-codelab/#1) -- build a backend on App Engine • Polymer-Gopher (https://medium.com/@francesc/polymer-gopher-ee29fb069baf)-- Polymer, Google Cloud, AppEngine & Go • Google APIs for Go (https://github.com/google/google-api-go-client/blob/master/GettingStarted.md) -- Getting Started (github (https://github.com/google/google-api-go-client/tree/master/examples)) • Golang Playground (http://play.golang.org/) • Go Code Sample -- YouTube (https://developers.google.com/youtube/v3/code_samples/go), G+ (https://developers.google.com/+/web/samples/go), Google Identity Toolkit (https://github.com/googlesamples/identity-toolkit-go) CALL FOR HACKERS http://bit.ly/firehack-gdg-2015

  • Special Event: Francesc Campoy (Google Dev. Advocate, Cloud & GoLang)

    PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN VENUE FOR THIS EVENT Francesc Campoy (https://twitter.com/francesc)is the Google Developer Advocate for Cloud, but is equally well known in the GoLang, Firebase and Polymer communities for his talks and tutorials in those technologies. Francesc is in town for a very short spell and this is an opportunity to network with, and learn from, him. Agenda: 5:30pm Doors Open (Registration) 6:00pm Networking 6:30pm Go + Polymer + Endpoints Speaker: Francesc Campoy 7:30pm Q&A 8:00 pm Doors Close Please Note: We will serve drinks. We hope to have some food (pizza) as well -- will update accordingly.