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No-Code Metaverse Workshop by GMetriXR

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No-Code Metaverse Workshop by GMetriXR


Welcome to the next workshop on No-Code metaverse by Utsav Mathur who is Founder, CEO @ GMetriXR. This is one of the interesting metaverse project I came across who are on the game to democratize metaverses by making the whole metaverse deployment lifecycle to minutes.

In this workshop, Utsav is going to walk us through the steps of creating your own metaverse like a NFT gallery and deploy it on GMetriXR in 15-20 minutes time. Also he will explore the topics on how XR content creators are earning using their tools and services. GMetriXR has an awesome list of enterprise customers who are using their services in various verticals.

Scheduling this event to 8pm to accommodate different timezones.

15 mins - Intro
45 Mins - GMetriXR No-Code Metaverse Workshop
30 Mins - AMA
30 Mins - Networking

We will be using google meets for this workshop.

NYC Metaverse Builders
NYC Metaverse Builders
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