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NYC SCHOOL OF COPYWRITING: Class #1: Intro to Copywriting

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Class #1: Intro to Copywriting


Become a pro copywriter in 4 weeks.

The NYC School of Copywriting is the only copy and content writing masterclass designed to teach writers, marketers, small business owners, startup founders and anyone else wanting to pick up one of the most invaluable and sought out skills in the modern workplace.

This course focuses on the craft of conversational copywriting—writing in a human voice that’s non-salesy, jargon and buzzword free and ultimately styled to create and maintain authentic connections with readers and customers.

Organized and led by Corey Rosenberg, one of the most successful marketing copywriters in Silicon Valley, the course is broken out into 4 90 minute classes:

Class #1: Introduction to copywriting
Class #2: Brands, brand voice and the digital marketing ecosystem
Class #3: Writing websites and emails
Class #4: Writing for social and video scripts

By the end of our course, you’ll be a bona fide copywriter, fully equipped with the skill needed to launch like-able brands, write sales and marketing assets for every marketing channel, grow your business and quadruple your sales.

This course costs $1,000.00 per attendee.

Welcome to the NYC School of Copywriting.

NYC School of Copywriting™️
NYC School of Copywriting™️
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