This Meetup is past

10 people went


A few people have talked to me about the possibility of having an expansion release meetup, and to be honest, I felt kind of bad not planning one, so here we are!

In honor of the food loving Pandarens that we'll all be getting to know shortly, I thought that we could have a Post Pandaria Party at one of my favorite Chinese food places in the city, Sammy's Noodle Shop.

(They don't have a website?! It's friggin 2012!! Ah well, I'll link their Yelp page: )

The food is fairly inexpensive (and yummy), they have adequate seating for groups, and the portions (last I was there) are enormous. It's a casual place, with beer and wine, and I think it would be a great location to share a good meal and talk about our first impressions and experiences with the new expansion.

I know it will be difficult, but hopefully we'll be able to pull ourselves away from playing for a minute to actually enjoy a good meal & conversation together. At least, after we make server first 90, that is ;-P