Oct Event (Date TBD): Geoengineering and Atomospheric GHG Removal

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Stone Creek Bar and Lounge (Back Room)

140 East 27th St · New York, ny

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Stone Creek is 100 feet east of Lexington on 27th St. We'll be in the back room.

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NOTE: The date is *UNKNOWN*, TBD "To Be Determined". Meetup won't schedule an event without a date so I picked one in the middle of the month. The date will be made more specific when we reserve the room in the future, and the announcement won't be sent out until that time.

Limiting temperature increases to a given level by 2100 could be achieved through geoengineering at a tiny fraction of the cost of curbing GHG emissions. But the environmental implications are not fully understood. Some people are advocating a ban on geoengineering research, because if the public perceives geoengineering to be an easy fix, it will make it harder to marshal the political will to curb emissions.

If we do absolutely nothing to curb CO2 emissions until 2100 and succeed at cooling the Earth with geoengineering, atmospheric CO2 levels will be reaching 1,200 ppm (they're about 410 ppm now). Humans can survive a lot more than that -- commercial airliners often have levels of 5,000 ppm, but tests on human cognition show that people start to get significantly cognitively impaired around 1,200 - 1,500 ppm. So unless we do something about reducing CO2 levels at some point, we'll be making the whole human race dumber.

The prognosis for humanity mobilizing with sufficient urgency to solve the problem by curbing emissions alone is bleak. Even those on the left calling for "a WWII-level mobilization" to combat climate change lack the self-control to avoid arguing that that mobilization has to include *EVERYTHING* the could possibly be wished for by *ANYBODY* on the far left, completely undermining their credibility.

So in future decades, we may need an effort to build massive factories to remove GHG's from the air and turn them into something that can be harmlessly stored. https://tinyurl.com/MITTR-COCapture That article talks only about CO2 capture, but if we experience massive methane emissions from melting permafrost, we'll definitely want to capture that as well.

We are not paying the bar to host us, they only make money by selling us drinks and food, so please consume something. They will do separate checks, and everybody will get one free beer or soda subtracted from their bill.

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