Networking and Climate Science Event

Stone Creek Bar and Lounge (Back Room)

140 East 27th St · New York, ny

How to find us

On 27th Street, 50 yards east of Lexington Ave. We'll be in the back room.

Location image of event venue


Attendance is free, but the venue is not charging us anything -- they make money only from the food and drinks they sell us, so please consume something. They do separate checks, and all attendees will get one free beer or soda deducted from their tab. You can plan to eat dinner during the movie.

After an hour of networking and dinner with people from the renewable energy industry and environmentalists, we'll have a presentation on climate science. This will be good preparation for those of you who will be spending Thanksgiving with climate skeptic relatives. We'll show the climate skeptic movie "Climate Hustle", which makes many, many scientific arguments that global warming is not real, and every few minutes we'll stop the movie and explain how what the movie just said was wrong (and where it's right).

There will be a lot of explanation of the perspective of the climate scientists, and things that many climate activists have been doing wrong to reach them.

6:00pm: Doors open, networking, dinner (bar will do separate checks, and everybody gets one free beer or soda).
7:00pm: Show Climate Hustle.
9:00pm: More networking and drinks.
9:30pm: Event ends.

We'll be in the back room of Stone Creek, a bar and grill near Lexington & 27th Street. Their food and drinks are good and reasonably priced, and they do separate checks.

Note that you don't have to be old enough to drink to get into the bar. The bar has agreed to card everyone in the room, and issue wrist bands on those old enough to drink, so minors may attend and drink soda.