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Sharing a THIRD case of Soy Curls

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Price: $8.00 /per person

Needs a location


At least a few of you have heard about the joy that is Soy Curls! These are really popular in Portland, OR. Homegrown Smoker (, for one, uses these wonderful edibles A LOT wowing locals and tourists alike.

"Soy Curls are in a class by themselves, as they contain the whole bean. All Natural, no preservatives, or additives, and they contain all the fiber." They are dehydrated non-GMO strips of soy. Rehydrated, one 8 oz. bag is approximately 1.5 pounds of belly filler.

They can be amazing chicken-like pieces in a variety of sandwiches, dishes and otherwise. Recipe examples follow below.

Vegan Mofo: BBQ Soy Curls (!

Crispy Sweet Sour Chicken-Style Butler Soy Curls (™

Mongolian Soy Curls (

BONUS, the simple and wonderful Smoky Soy Curls (

You can read more about their origins here.

For each PAID RSVP, you will pick up TWO bags of this wonderful item from Demetrius' apartment in Astoria or at an upcoming EatUP/event Demetrius is attending.

Special and repeated thanks to Dawne for ordering these, and other goodies, for us in the past!

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