The Esoteric Initiation; Gnosis & Spiritual Awakening

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Join us as we study practical methods and techniques to awaken and develop the inner Powers of the soul.

Esotericism is an ancient and precise science. This science has led many to discover the deep realities of life and its diverse forms of manifestation through the awakening of the internal "Powers of the Soul"; Astral projections, Remote Viewing, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Intuition, Etc.

It is well known that Esoteric Knowledge has inspired the lives of history’s most influential people to such an extent, that some of humanity’s greatest breakthroughs and discoveries in the fields of science, art, and philosophy, are the direct result of this knowledge. Among the fruits of this tradition, we can find scientists, inventors, and artist like Sir. Isaac Newton, C. G. Jung, Paracelsus, Nicola Tesla, Benjamin Franklin, Giordano Bruno, Dr. Krum Heller, Da Vinci, Raffaelo, Beethoven, Mozart, Saint Germain, Cagliostro, as well as spiritual teachers like Jesus Christ, The Buddha, Lao Tzu, Rumi, Krishna, Moses, Saint Francis of Assisi, Hermes Trismegistus, and Zoroastro.

This is an introduction into a 33-week practical course, in which we will explore the basis of Meditation, Mysticism, Kabbalah, Esotericism, Astral Projection, Sacred Sexuality, Alchemy, and the mysteries of the human Consciousness.

Topics of Discussion:

- The Esoteric Path: What it is, and the importance of it in our personal, social, and spiritual life.

- Spiritual awakening: Awakening techniques through Meditation, mindfulness, Tantra, and Lucid Dreams.

- Guided Meditation

*Door open at 4:45 pm and close at 5:05 pm

**Small intimate workshop, space is limited, order your tickets ASAP to reserve your seat!

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