Canceled Meetup



Please read all the way down to bottom of this event posting -- this event is a little complicated.

CONFIRMATION REQUIRED: You ARE REQUIRED, to put in the "comments" section of the RSVP the date you are confirming that you indeed intend to attend. To do this go to "change RSVP," but if you want to attend, leave the "yes" checked off, just add a comment. If you don't want to attend, then change to "no." ONLY the First 20 to confirm their "yes" RSVP will be allowed to attend due to permit issues. No Confirmation of your "yes" response either before we reach 20 confirmed "yes" responses or by Saturday, 7:00 p.m. (whichever comes first) will get you removed from the event.

Central park gets CRAZY busy on a nice weekend so in order to secure a good spot, I've made the start time a little earlier in the afternoon rather than later. Each of us will be responsible for securing our own little piece of turf so if you want room for your blanket, arrive on time/early.

WE WILL MEET INSIDE THE PARK, at the entrance to Sheep Meadow itself. If you enter the park at West 63rd Street and follow the path north, you will find us at 12:30 at the gate in the fence that surrounds Sheep Meadow. Shortly after 12:30 look for us On the Meadow inside the fenced area. I'll have a meetup sign on my blanket.

PLEASE NOTE: Sheeps Meadow is a Quiet Zone --- dogs are prohibited at all times; no bikes; no organized, active recreation or sports allowed; headphones required for radios.

I'm going with this area because that was what was suggested by others.

So bring a sheshbesh board or chess board or any other such quiet game if you'd like, your lunch, a dish to share with others would be nice too but is not mandatory, your sunblock, sun glasses, and the requisit stupid-looking sun hat -- the stupider looking the better -- as well as your mad Hebrew skilz. (No beer, wine or other liquor is allowed in the park.)

Bad weather prediction will cause me to have to change the date of this event.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All New York parks require a permit for gatherings of more than 20 people so I have to limit the number of people to 20. If you don't follow the "confirmation required" and general RSVP instructions, but show up anyway, I will tell the cops I don't know you and you're crashing our party. (Not really joking.)

If less than 8 people confirm their Yes RSVP, this event will be canceled.

IN ACCORDANCE WITH MY USUAL POLICY: Members who sign up yes (and confirm), never change their RSVP, yet don't show up anyway, are asked NEVER to sign up for any of my future events. This policy takes effect at the first incident of such behavior.