Intro to Datomic with Stuart Sierra

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This month we have a presentation on Datomic, a very exciting database technology, as well as a lightning talk that may serve as a teaser for more Neo4j goodness in the future.

Datomic is a new database built on the JVM. It supports horizontally-scalable reads, strongly-consistent writes, and a unique data model which incorporates time as a first class entity. This talk will provide an introduction to Datomic's data model, architecture, and query model for Java programmers.

Stuart Sierra lives in New York City and works for Cognitect, Inc. He is the co-author, with Luke VanderHart, of ClojureScript: Up and Running (O'Reilly) and Practical Clojure (Apress).

Wenzong Zhao from Citi will deliver a lightening talk with a demo of a tool they built using Neo4j and D3.js that helps them monitor a system with more than 25 internal and external applications, including web apps, multiple types of databases, mainframes, app servers and a major public-facing web portal.

Food and refreshments will be provided by our generous hosts. We look forward to seeing you all here.