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Is economic growth the answer to economic and social crises? Why has growth remained the core objective of most nations? What are our alternatives to growth? Global economic growth is unsustainable and long-term growth might not even be possible.

Degrowth is the vision of economies that are socially and ecologically sustainable.

Join us in a presentation by Giorgos Kallis, moderated by David Barkin at The Cooper Union on Tuesday April 23, 6:30pm – Rm.315, Foundation Building.

Giorgos Kallis is a Professor at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology in Barcelona, Spain. He is interested in the political-economic roots of environmental degradation and its uneven distribution along lines of power, income, class, or race. His current research is motivated by the double global economic and ecological crisis, exploring the idea of sustainable de-growth: a smooth economic downscaling to a sustainable future where we can live better with less. He is coordinator of the European Network of Political Ecology and of the international research project CLICO (Climate Change, Hydro-conflicts and Human Security) with the participation of 14 institutes from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Dr. Barkin (Ph.D. Yale, 1996) is distinguished Professor of Economics at the Universidad Autόnoma Metropolitana, Xochimilco Campus, Mexico City. He was the founding member of the Ecodevelopment Center in 1974 and was recipient of the National Prize in Political Economy in 1979. He is a member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences and the National Research Center. His numerous books on problems focus on Mexican economic development, food systems analysis and sustainable development. Another of his books, Wealth, Poverty and Sustainable Development, a bilingual essay that enjoyed wide circulation can be downloaded free. During recent years he directs work with community groups to promote local capacities for self-government and ecosystem management.

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Organized by Cooper Union in collaboration with EcoVillageMovementNYC.

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