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Increasing Recognition of Women Leaders in Permaculture & Other Practices

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This is the make-up for the original presentation date that was cancelled due to snow on February 13th. Co-Organizer, Tiffany, will present a slideshow and discussion of the Women In Permaculture Conference that took place in October 2013 at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. The event was sponsored by Permaculture Institute of the Northeast (P.I.N.E.), and attended by several NYC-based permies. Organizer, Uma Alice, who is also a founding member of Green Phoenix Permaculture and a board member of P.I.N.E., will give some additional remarks on what it took to bring the gathering together and overarching goals fo the organizers.

The presentation will examine some of the challenges to increasing the profile of women as leaders within the larger permaculture movement, while taking time to highlight some of the local projects done by the female members of our Meetup group and other conference attendees.

After a break for networking and small group discussions, there will be a second presentation on applying permaculture design principles to community building--making the so-called "invisible structures," more visible. Specifically, there will be an examination of the midwifery model of childbirth and homeschooling from the permaculture perspective.

Tiffany has been an organizer for the New York Permaculture Meetup since 2012. Initially attracted to permaculture through a desire to freely eat natural and ethically produced food--unlike that which she learned about in the movie "Food, Inc."--Tiffany received her Permaculture Design Certificate through the Earth Activitist Training (EAT) taught by Starhawk ( and hosted by Keith Morris ( at Prospect Rock Permaculture in Vermont in September of 2013. A few months later, after watching "The Business of Being Born," she became a certified doula (childbirth assistant) under the tutelage of Chanel Porchia and Patricia Thomas of Ancient Song Doula Services ( in Brooklyn.

An educator and avid traveler, Tiffany hopes to bring the teachings of permaculture to a wide variety of people working in multitude of disciplines in order to return the focus of our society from one based in fear, competition, and consumerism, to a more humane lifestyle based on trust, cooperation, and enjoyment of simple pleasures. In doing so, she believes incorporation of the permaculture ethics and principles into all aspects of life will help everyone, and especially the most vulnerable in our society, to adapt and be resilient in the face of changing climatic, energetic, and financial conditions.