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The Beneficial MudBall Ball: Garden Celebration of Bioremediation

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The Masters of Succession Collective presents:

2014 is The 3rd Beneficial MudBall Ball! A Bioremediation Celebration. Teach-in Picnic as we Adventure with the Masters of Succession.


Come to The Mud Ball Ball to play with ifestyles of bioremediation & symbiosis at a gorgeous Loisida garden as we reconnect with our life-partners--the natural elements. Meet friends, share food, spin in hula hoop gowns. Eat oysters for the shells, make mud balls for waterways, learn the PharmaSeed game for future pharmacy, sow sunflower seeds to pull toxins from soil, crush shells for soil, grow mushrooms, stomp cob for bricks, make egg-carton balls for play, create with plastics, yoga to oxygenate cells, acupuncture, sip detox teas & mix herbal remedies. Everyday lives pollute more and more. Come experiment. Can we feel-good, make a better ecosystem? Wind up with dancing umbrellas in a procession to the river to toss oyster shells & place an oyster garden. See you there!!

We will experiment with making us a small village in which we give back beneficial by-products by making activities that heal our water, air and soil and selves. A village center using natural succession in a paradise which formerly stored trucks and fuel.

Now with smarter technology and learning we can restore ourselves, our food, and our environment.

Sunday, June 1st is our opportunity to be creative have fun while we make a by-product of better water, air and soil and self -- at least for one afternoon.

We do not have to eat toxic food, use expensive toxic cleaners and chemical body lotion. We have easy replacements.

Bring a dish, GMO or Non GMO, your skills and your fun selves. There is a place for you at The MudBall Ball!


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This year more projects, more participants, more partners means more ways to participate!



JOIN PLANNING & BRAINSTORMING • BE IN IT. Volunteer to help an activity artist, scientist engineer.

• HOST The MUD BALL: We have created a silent spokes ball. A brown paper mache ball. The ball comes with flyers & submission forms & special muddy tickets for the MudBall Ball

• BE A SPONSOR: Contact us.

• BE A THUMBS-UPPER! Help us get the word out.

• COME. It is a picnic to bring a dish, contribute with cash before hand and of volunteer to help with activities! RSVP with Tickets on (

• Come to Figment June 8 too! Bring your activity near us "The Stockpile of Mud Balls" near Castle WIlliam.

THE FALL BALL: There will be a FALL Ball MudBall Ball hosted by Smiling Hogshead Ranch in LIC.
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