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Let the Earth Day Celebration Continue!

PLEASE JOIN US for a unique PANEL DISCUSSION; the first of a developing series in which we explore the possibilities of


> Options <

> Obstacles <

> Opportunities <

Hosted by the Brooklyn Solid Waste Advisory Board and its Compost Committee

Our hope is to gather stakeholders from various sectors of the Composting world under one. we will showcase their diverse elements to grow a greater understanding of a burgeoning movement; to inspire innovation and collaboration and to inform, strengthen & empower the network.

For the first hour the following leaders will present their experiences and ideas as a launching point for this developing dynamic series,

Jean Bonhotal; Director Cornell Waste Management Institute, Dept of Crop and Soil Sciences

Gil Lopez; educator at Smiling Hogshead Ranch

David House; Innovator and Author of The Biogas Handbook

Christine Dotz Romero, Lower East Side Ecology Center

The 2nd hour is then dedicated to a Q&A session and open discussion with the audience, Ken Diamondstone , the Chair of the Brooklyn Solid Waste Advisory Board, will serve as moderator.

Inspiration & Background: In June 2012, Mayor Bloomberg announced his initiative to overhaul the waste management system as we know it, mandating Organics Waste Recovery for all of New York City by 2016. This organics waste recovery initiative has sparked an enormous response from the public. At the last city council hearing on Feb 24, Sanitation Policy in NYC: Ideas for the Next Four Years, people flocked to the hearing, testimonies in hand, lines leaking out into the street and wrapping around the building, forcing city council to pool attendees into a secondary meeting hall.

Why did so many gather? Who are they? What are their ideas?
Organics Recovery blows open the realm of possibilities for many involved. From Non-profits and technological innovators to small businesses and individual volunteers the focus is Compost. With such an imminent transition on the horizon, the conversation is hot! The current trajectory is to centralize the organics recovery, hauling it to Newtown Creek to be processed as gas and transformed into renewable energy. While this is an exciting advancement, what will become of the myriad of large-scale operations and smaller community gardens who have already been successfully composting for years? By recognizing compost as the invaluable ecological resource it is and reserving a portion of the organics collections, we can continue to improve the health of the public, enhance the economy with job creation, beautify the neighborhoods and strengthen and further develop green infrastructure. How might we work together to accomplish the most comprehensive and beneficial plan of action? How can we secure a space in the city's plans for the Composting world to flourish? In 1989 New York City Council passed Local Law 19, pioneering the last great city-wide transition in waste management with the mandating of recycling and the establishment of Solid Waste Advisory Boards in each of the five-boroughs. The Brooklyn Solid Waste Advisory Board is dedicated to acting as a conduit of information between the elected officials, community organizations and residents. The Brooklyn SWAB and its new Compost Committee are happy to host this opening conversation inviting all compost stakeholders under one roof.

We believe an open platform for idea sharing would allow an atmosphere for the ultimate exchange, enabling greater understanding, cross-field connections and potential for collaboration! ALL ARE WELCOME. WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU.


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