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On a semi-regular basis, office hours will be accompanied by a development sprint. If you haven't participated in a sprint before, sprints are short [or not so short] periods of time during which a collection of people get together to work on a useful open source project together.

This week we'll be sprinting on urwid (, a console UI library.

In the future, if you have ideas for OSS projects to contribute to, feel free to create a suggested event on the Meetup group, and / or leave a comment in the comments below.

What to Do Before the Sprint Before any sprint, you should at least do the following three things:

Download the source code of the project to be worked on. Ensure it works. See how you can run its test suite. Run it. Find an open issue that looks interesting to work on, or think of something you think would be a good feature to add. Details on the above should be in the details section below.

If you don't do these, you certainly can do them when you get to the sprint, but doing so will take time away from getting actual work done. We only have a few hours, so it's nice to be able to get right into it as soon as you arrive.

Sprint details Urwid is hosted on both Bitbucket and GitHub. The GitHub repo is at

Check out the code with git (or hg). There is additional info in the Wiki at

On the day of the sprint, try to make yourself available in both #urwid which is on the OFTC IRC network, and in #nycpython-sprint if you'd like, which is on Freenode.

If you were able to follow those steps, you're all set. If you weren't or if you're just plain a beginner, you're still welcome to come and you'll get help, but preferential treatment will be given to people who've managed to get themselves set up and ready to go. See you then!