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Office Hour Sprint (No recruiters, no hiring managers)

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On a semi-regular basis, office hours will be accompanied by a development sprint. If you haven't participated in a sprint before, sprints are short periods of time (a few hours) during which a collection of people get together to work on a useful open source project together. The first sprint will be this Tuesday, February 26. We will be sprinting on **Twisted** ( ), a popular networking engine. In the future, if you have ideas for OSS projects to contribute to, feel free to bring it up after a sprint or here in the Meetup comments. Sprint details: Office Hour Sprint Twisted is a library for writing event-driven applications (web applications and servers, SSH, mail, IRC, games, you name it). You should get a few things done before you come sprint, especially if you've never contributed to Twisted before: * Read the Basic Contributor Guide, which outlines the basic process for contributing code to Twisted Make sure to create a Trac account and checkout the source. Also note that Twisted predates PEP8, so it has its own style guide, which happens to in particular use camelCase. Take a quick peek at that just to get a sense of it. As mentioned, all patches that you submit need to be reviewed by *someone else*, not necessarily a "committer". So reviewing patches is another task that can and should be done during the sprint. * Take a look at how reviews should be done: Finally, find a ticket or tickets you might want to work on in the tracker ( ) as this will let you get started right when you arrive. If you're looking for "Easy" tickets you can find a link to some tickets marked easy in the contributor's guide linked above. If you were able to follow those steps, you're all set. If you weren't or if you're just plain a beginner, you're still welcome to come and you'll get help, but preferential treatment will be given to people who've managed to get themselves set up and ready to go. See you then!