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Basic Building Blocks of Every Motion Picture Story

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Basic Building Blocks of Every Motion Picture Story

with NYU/Yale Professor GORDON FARRELL

Learn the essential elements of every successful screenplay, how those elements work, and how you use them to infuse your script with excitement.

Every screenplay that is seriously considered for purchase by producers or studios has these core, raw components embedded in every scene, every character, and every line of dialogue. In the more advanced jargon of screenwriting theory it is called action structure -- but in layman’s terms it is simply this: recreating the powerfully felt experience of something actually changing right before our eyes.

Unless a producer or studio executive feels that they have experienced a surprising or unexpected change as the story unfolds, your screenplay will be considered Dead On Arrival.

In this lecture, you will learn the fundamental techniques -- the DNA, if you will -- of exciting motion picture story telling as it is taught in the most elite film schools around the country. You cannot create exciting, salable scripts without these core components.


• Who it is for: Anyone who wants to write or is currently writing a screenplay no matter how experienced they are.

• What it does: Teaches you how to rethink the construction of your scenes, your characters, and your dialogue in order to make them crackle with excitement

• Why you need it: To begin to break through the blah, lukewarm reception your scripts are currently receiving

Expect To Learn:

• The fundamental structure of how exciting moments are built into scripts

• How to use the basic techniques of action structure to enliven your scenes and your characters

• The key component of exciting dialogue

Who Should Attend?

• First time writer Screenwriters who want to write better

• Seasoned writers wondering how to put more excitement into their scenes, characters and dialogue

• Writers consistently getting a blah or lukewarm response to their scripts.

Instructor Bio:

Gordon Farrell is a long-time member of the screenwriting faculty of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. A member of the Writers Guild of America, East, he has written for hire and sold screenplays to producers Robert Simonds (producer, Big Daddy, The Wedding Singer); Neil Moritz (producer, Cruel Intentions, XXX); Bruce Berman (producer, Matrix, Three Kings); and Norman Twain (producer, Lean on Me, Boycott, Spinning Into Butter). He co-wrote the screenplay for the award-winning indie film, “Girls Who Smoke,” currently being screened in film festivals around the country.

An award-winning computer game writer, Gordon authored story and dialogue for Sierra On-Line’s multi-million selling Empire Earth, Activision’s critically acclaimed Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, and Reverie World Studio’s breakout hit Dawn of Fantasy.

He is currently Lead Writer for Reverie World Studio’s Kingdom Wars II.



April 12th

Saturday, 3:00-5:00pm


SHETLER STUDIO/244 west 54 Street/12 floor



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