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Group VortexHealing® Session w/ Geordie Numata & Carol Ribner


Greetings Dear Friends! The theme for this session will be integration & harmonization of the masculine / feminine. We had a nice love download on Valentine's Day which enhanced the ongoing restoration of Venusian values. Carol and I will channel with the intent to help the group feel more inner beauty, harmony, gentleness and comfort as their masculine and feminine qualities become more integrated and balanced.

In these sessions, we give a thorough tuneup for the entire physical and subtle bodies as well as channeling energies which release limiting conditioning in the karmic body and chakras. Participants are encouraged to make a written or mental list of their intentions for the session. What do you want to heal, let go of, bring in or enhance in your life? We don't have to or want to know what your intentions are, we simply channel with the intent to address whatever you want and need.

We average 20 - 30 participants in these sessions plus 5 - 10 cats and dogs (pets get on distant list for free!) We have a limit on how many we can channel to effectively so we ask that you RSVP ahead of time to reserve your place so you don't get left out. In order to reserve your spot you must E - mail me at [masked]. Distant participants must email me to register and receive instructions for the session and they will pay via Paypal on my website ( For distant participants, the session runs from approx. 8:15 - 9:15pm EST.

Here's some testimonials -

"What a relief!! I'm so happy that you guys decided to do this series! I feel more free, fluid and light. The range of motion in my entire body has increased. Energetically I feel lighter. I stood outside in the sun and all my senses are alive! The sun feels very soft, the crispness of the air, the smell of grass... I honestly feel like a child again! This feels weird to say but after many years of being depressed I think I'm... happy? If I already feel this good now. I can't imagine what I'll feel like after the next two sessions. I can't wait for the next session!"
KC - distant participant in Toronto

"I must say that last nights session was very profound. It feels like everything has come together. I wasn't feeling great for a couple of weeks and I was losing faith and courage in all things. I was ready to ditch all spiritual pursuits. After last nights integration / harmonization session I feel invigorated and motivated again. Thanks to both of you for providing these sessions!"
KC - distant participant in Toronto

"I have gotten 3 distant group VortexHealing sessions and I just wanted to say it is incredible how powerful it feels each time. Even the times I wasn't able to to fully concentrate and enjoy the experience, I felt such a sense of joy and upliftment wash over me when I was doing tasks and I knew this was real what I was experiencing. I suffer from depression and each session makes me feel like a child at my healthiest and happiest state, or as if I am on a very high dose of anti - depressants without the terrible side effects. It means so much to me and I just want to thank you so much - you truly have a gift!"
SB (distant participant in Toronto)

"The session was fabulous, afterward I felt light as a feather. It's hard to put the experience into words ... felt like my soul was being caressed"
Jane (distant participant in Montreal)

"Geordie - Thanks for getting back to me. I put through a "tip" for the session Thursday. It was very peaceful and deeply healing for me. I woke up yesterday and the virus I've been living with for the last 5 weeks had begun to clear. I'm also looking forward to the benefits I've noticed from other sessions that go on for months after! Thanks so much!"
Susan (distant participant in NY)

"Hi Geordie, I wanted to thank you and Carol so much for the healing you brought to me during the group last week...I have experienced a big shift since. Thank you so so so much for facilitating this for me:) Much love, Maria"

"Geordie - wow! I had such heightened senses even before the session which only intensified and are still going strong. smells. sounds...the rain on my tin air conditioner hypnotized me...i could hear each and every single drop...had to go outside and experience the wet cold night and my plants and was a little like tripping! I am still so very open to this adjusted way of being...i hope it lasts. I am in awe! Blessings you my friend!"
CSJ (distant participant in Texas)

"I feel so blessed!This is what I felt last Thurs. during the session.The energy was so palpable, I actually felt it move my body as I swayed from side to side and my neck turned very gently from side to side. I was actually having kriyas which is a form of purification when your kundalini is awakened. I usually have them when I'm in an ashram or around pure energy work.These type of kriyas work on the subtle body hence creating inner peace and joy to the physical body. I didn't want my session to end! I actually felt it when the session ended and felt it when you guys finished the healing work. So Carol & Geordie, keep up the good work and keep sending it my way!"
Distant participant in Vermont

"Hey Geordie...don't really know where to leave comments on this but it was SO good for me...woke up on Friday with no aching knees and boundless rid of a lot of "crap" that i had been holding on to and breezed through the still having residual effects...very powerful energy medicine! Thank you so much...very deeply from my ♥ to yours..."
CSJ (distant participant in Texas)

"Geordie - thank you so much for Thursday! Although I was at work, I had waves of intense energy washing over me and then realized I had a grin I could not remove for the entire hour. I had an extremely cathartic release on Friday (in the aftermath of a big family fight), but it was good and healthy and allowed me to see things so much clearer than I've been able in some time, especially with these things that are so close to me - I'm not accepting the unwarranted anger - just sending love to those who are hurting so much.Thank you again! I have nothing but gratitude..."
(distant participant in Brooklyn)

"Thank you so much Geordie and Roxana for my mom's distant vortex healing. When I went to see her after the session, my mom looked like a new person and she was overwhelmed by the warm feeling she felt during the session and was starting to feel much better. She has not been feeling well for about 2 months and in about 2-3 days after this session she was back to herself—AMAZING!"
Jackie Guarracino

VortexHealing® is a Divine healing art from the Merlin lineage, designed to transform the roots of emotional consciousness, heal the physical body, and awaken spirit within the human heart. It works with the energies of magical transformation. The Merlin lineage originated 5600 yrs. ago in India with an avatar named Mehindra. Ric Weinman is the current lineage holder. He revived the lineage in 1994 after having an experience in which he reactivated healing abilities which he had learned in two past lives in which he was initiated into the lineage. Ric and the 6 other VortexHealing® teachers have since initiated 1000's of students from all over the world into the lineage. The following is copied from the vortex site -

"The philosophy of VortexHealing® is that all of life is One (One Source, One Consciousness, One Divinity), expressing Itself as this amazing experience of creation. But because we have lost the awareness of that, we have gotten caught in all kinds of issues that generate disease in our bodies and suffering in our hearts. Our basic experience of life is one of separation, of experiencing ourselves as a particular being that is essentially separate from everything else in creation and separate from the Universal Source of creation. This creates all kinds of issues and false identities that, over time (and lives), imprint or condition every level of our human system—our bodies, our minds, our emotions and even our sense of spirituality. The web of this conditioning is incredibly, almost unimaginably deep, completely distorting our experience of being human. It creates all kinds of emotional distortions and blockages in our human energy system, which generates weakness and physical disease. The intent of VortexHealing ® is to release this conditioning on every level it is found, returning the person to emotional balance and energetic strength, so that health prevails." "But the goal of VortexHealing® is also much larger than this, because complete healing requires a return to wholeness. And wholeness requires a return to the awareness of what we are, an awakening out of our root experience of separation into the experience of our true being. Hence, by various means, VortexHealing® is designed to create enough inner space from the webs of personal conditioning and enough self-awareness (which arises in that space), so that students (and other receivers of VortexHealing®) begin to awaken out of their conditioned web of reality to the freedom and Oneness that is their true nature. Although the tools of VortexHealing® are designed to generate physical and emotional health (and they do so fantastically), on a deeper level they are designed to facilitate the deepest movement of healing that is possible, which is this kind of inner awakening to our true nature." - Ric Weinman

Love & Gratitude,

Geordie Numata
Reiki & Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher
VortexHealing® Practitioner
Counseling Astrologer
N.A.D.A Certified Acupuncture Detox Specialist
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