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Energy Medicine & Bioenergetic Healing School-1 Year Certification Program

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Talat Healing Practitioner Certification: 1-Year Training Program (

Energy Medicine & Bioenergetic Healing School

Become a Professional Talat Healing Practitioner
Online Video Web Classroom Taught by Talat Jonathan

Visit The Website For The Full Program Itinerary At:

October 2013 to October 2014

In this intensive year-long energy healing training program, you will learn the fundamentals of Talat’s unique energy medicine practice. Offering a rare integration of hands-on healing, Bioenergetic therapy, anger/shadow work, spiritual warriorship, and life coaching, this program provides a profound immersive experience for those wishing to take their training and healing journey to the next level. Students will learn energetic self-care and Bioenergetic process work, give and receive a variety of energy medicine treatments, practice healing modalities with test clients, and complete tests and reading assignments. This program is designed for all levels of healers (from beginners to advanced professionals), preparing you for your own professional healing business/practice.

Talat: "My intention is to share the wisdom and techniques that I've accumulated over 10 years of study within a year's time-frame. This course is for those looking to accelerate their evolution, develop their talents, and build courage and confidence in order to heal themselves, clients, and the world at large."

Our online video technology allows students to learn from anywhere in the world, just like a Skype call. If you can watch a YouTube video, you can participate in this program.Free 10-minute consultations are offered for interested students to discuss how the program can align with your healing path. Please email to set up!

Watch Talat Here: (

REGISTER: [masked]

We are now offering an Equinox Early Bird Discount - register and send your deposit by Friday September 27 at midnight PST to receive a $100 discount!

Talat Healing Training Program

Students Receive Training In:

-How to See, Feel & Hear Auras/Energy Fields
-Hands-on Healing Positions-Auric Strengthening and Cleansing
-Chakra Balancing
-Color & Sound Therapy
-The 5 Bioenergetic Personality Defense Structures & How to Treat Them
-Bioenergetic Process Work
-Connecting with Guides
-Healing with Crystals and Stones
-Brain Balancing
-Addiction Healing
-Healing Sexual Polarity
-Working with Multidimensional Guides
-Hormone Balancing
-Nonviolent Communication
-Essential Oils/Plant Based Healing
-Chakra Reconstruction-Past Life Healing
-Spiritual Warriorship & Psychic Self Defense
-Anger & Shadow Work
-Dream Therapy
-Vibrational Healing through Nutrition
-Hara Healing
-Healing Finances
-The Power of Play, Pleasure, & Creativity
-Core Star Healing
-The Art of Manifestation
-How to Start/Run Your Own Healing Practice

The Program Includes:

-Guest Healing Lectures by Talat’s Associates-Free Access to All Talat Healing Events/Talks
-Lifetime Access to TH Training Videos
-The TH Training Manual
-1 Free 30-minute Consultation with Talat
-Online Forum for Students
-Graduates' Names Listed on Talat Healing Website as Official Practitioners

Talat Healing 180-Hour Training Requirements:

-120 Hours of Classroom Completed
-60 Hours of Practicum Completed (including a long-term “case study” client)
-Write-ups of Practice Treatments and a Presentation of Case Study for Class
-3 Unit Exams Passed at 75% or Better
Required Texts:

Barbara Ann Brennan’s “Hands of Light,” Colin Tipping’s “Radical Forgiveness,” Harville Hendrix’s “Getting The Love You Want,” and David Deida’s “The Way of the Superior Man” or “Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts”

October 2013 to October[masked] weekend per month: Saturday & Sunday, Noon to 6pm Eastern Standard Time (with 1-hour break each day)

Orientation Saturday, October 12

Regular Classes Begin Saturday, October 19

1 Session: Sat, Oct. 19 to Sun, Oct. 20 (2013)
2 Session: Sat, Nov. 16 to Sun, Nov. 17
3 Session: Sat, Dec. 14 to Sun, Dec.15
4 Session: Sat, Jan. 18 to Sun, Jan. 19 (2014)
5 Session: Sat, Feb. 15 to Sun, Feb. 16
6 Session: Sat, March 15 to Sun, March 16
7 Session: Sat, April 12 to Sun, April 13
8 Session: Sat, May 17 to Sun, May 18
9 Session: Sat, Jun. 21 to Sun, Jun. 22
10 Session: Sat, Jul. 19 to Sun, Jul. 20
11 Session: Sat, Aug. 16 to Sun, Aug. 17
12 Session: Sat, Sep. 20 to Sun, Sep. 21
Graduation: Sat, Oct 4, 2014

Course Fees:
The TH Training Program is designed to make energy healing training (and a career) available to participants of different financial means. We charge a sliding scale of $1,600 - $3,000 for the year. The program includes lifetime Access to TH training Videos, the TH Training Manual, and 1 Free 30-minute consultation with Talat.

Payment Plans:
Tuition paid in full by first class = no fee
3 monthly payments = $100 to the tuition total
6 monthly payments = $200 to the tuition total
12 monthly payments = $350 to tuition total

A few work study partial scholarships are available to those experiencing financial hardship. Please email to inquire: Talat@TalatHealing. We try to make sure nobody is priced out!

Talat Healing offers no refunds after 30 days of registration. Tuition contracts are legally binding and must be paid in full, regardless of whether student withdraws from course.
Registration Process

1. Fill out Registration Form and email it to: [masked]
2. After you’ve submitted your registration form, we will send you a student contract and class policy agreement to be signed and sent back to us along with a $150 deposit to secure your spot.
3. Prior to the course start date you will be sent an orientation email package along with the first unit syllabus, preparation reading, and your invitation to the online class material folder and chat group.

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