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Free Connecting With Your Magic Tele-Class - Wednesday October 23rd

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Details you always known that you had the power to make magic manifest in your life and the lives of others but have been holding back because you thought others would judge you and leave your life?

Have these magical powers and awarenesses been repressed within you and all your ancestors for generations for far too long?

Is now the time to wave your magic wand and connect with your magic again by connecting with all there is in the vastness of infinite consciousness?

RICH Healing Co-Creators Vandana and Macaya have been feeling guided to share the RICH conscious tools of awareness with all beings on the planet at this time who are ready to receive it to change their lives and invite infinite possibilities to show up for you as if by magic faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Come out of hiding and bring all of your telepathic abilities and razor sharp knowing with us and learn to trust all of you and all of life again.

Could stepping into the authentic you be required for you to finally receive all the blessings, gifts, and miracles that you truly be that is your natural birthright?

Each week we will call in the vibrational embodiment of magic!

Some of the elements and beings we’ll be playing in the energies of include:


-The Elemental Kingdom

-The Angelic Kingdom

-Unicorns, Pegasus, & Dragons


-Giants & Dwarfs

-The Alchemist


-Wise Woman

-Medicine Man/Woman

-Crystals, Rocks, Stones, & Minerals

-Plants, Tree People, Herbs

-The Cloud People

-The Star Beings

-Your Home Planet Energies

Everyone will receive RICH Clearings & Creations to release and clear away all doubts and creative blocks around living a rewarding, fun, and phenomenal magical life! Once all the veils of illusion and confusion are removed, it’s far easier to create, activate, and expand your natural healing abilities and super powers to change the world!

All of these Magical Beings & Realms will be explored through Meditations and Healing Activations to open you up to your own magical super abilities from a distant past that you can apply to the now ever day.

Wave your magic wand and join us here: (

This FREE 90 minute experience will be facilitated by Macaya and Vandana on Wednesday October 23rd at

5:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM Eastern / 1:00 AM BST / 10:00 AM AEST (The Next Day)(local time converter at )

Local Numbers for the US, UK, India and Australia are available as well as a Skype line and a webcast. The call will be recorded so even if you can’t make it live, signup and you will receive the recording and all the healing and activations from the call.

RICH Blessings and Infinite Gratitude!

Macaya and Vandana – Co-Creators Of RICH Healing

Conscious Healing and Transformation

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