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High Heart Activation - Healing By Phone/Skype/Webcast

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High Heart Healing Activation – Speaking from the Heart Telehealing Experience – Tuesday July 8th

Welcome To A High Heart Divine Healing Transmission Of Infinite Love! You can receive this heart healing by phone, skype, or webcast. If you can't make this date, you will still receive the MP3 Downloadable Class Recording that's yours to keep FOREVER:) Woo Hoo! How Sweet It Is!!!!!

Are you willing to awaken and activate all of your energy centers to access the Authentic You and change your life in the blink of an eye as if by magic?

When we harmonically align our energetic centers, we have total access to all our gifts and super abilities as infinite beings and divine creators.Remember that's who you are!!!

Join Vandana as we explore the wisdom and meaning of the high heart chakra .This chakra is known as the seat of the soul and relates to Christ consciousness or the bridge between your emotions and your intellect. Working within the high heart can help you create a connection between your soul body and physical body. It's also associated with the thymus gland, one of the earliest glands that develop in the fetus while in the womb.This gland is related to the immune system and has within it the patterning for your DNA, and your karmic design for this lifetime, including past life information.

The spoken word resonates here so if you are challenged with speaking your truth and expressing your voice, your high heart chakra might be weakened, imbalanced, or closed. If you are able to communicate with ease and confidence while feeling deeply connected and aligned with the messages you receive from the heart and the mind, then your high heart center is open, strong, and in perfect balance and harmony in your energetic system.

If you've wondered what your life purpose is... working with the energy of the thymus chakra may help you to find out exactly what that is.This is a chakra that has been neglected in the past... but now the earth needs each of you to elevate your vibrations.

Vandana will run powerful emotional clearings, creations, and reality resets to help you release any blockages or imbalances that might be holding you back or making you feel stuck and stagnant so you can speak your truth and embody your authentic soul signature in this lifetime.

As always a powerful healing activation will connect you with the infinite intelligence of infinite consciousness so you can receive all the gifts that desire and deserve as a divine creator and infinite being.

This 90 minute telehealing experience is $43 and will be facilitated by Vandana on
Tuesday July 8th at 4:00 PM Pacific / 7:00 PM Eastern / 11:00 PM GMT / 9:00 AM AEST (The Next Day)
(local time converter at )

Local Numbers for the US, UK, India and Australia are available as well as a Skype line and a webcast. The call will be recorded so even if you can't make it live, you will still receive the recording and all the activations and healing from the call.

Sign up for this class, any individual chakra activation classes, or all 13 for the most life changing benefits and results you've been asking for but never thought was possible until now.

To receive the call in details, skype number, and webcast link, visit:

Cost: $43

Everyone Receives Free MP3 Downloadable Recording Of The Class With Emotional Clearings, Guided Meditations, And Divine Healing Transmissions

Cosmic Heart Blessings,



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