Become A Certified Accelerated Light Divine Healing Practitioner

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Learn How To Become An Accelerated Light Divine Healing Pain Practitioner

Join Our 5 Week Accelerated Pain Healing Program To Help You:
~ Trust Your Intuitive Healing Gifts To Self-Heal
~ Turn On Your Telepathic Powers To See, Know, Feel And Hear The Voices & Feel The Presence Of Your Spirit Doctors And Medical Teams
~ Transmute Physical & Emotional Pain Into Peace & Ease In All Of Your Timelines, Lifetimes & Dimensions

Each Week, You Will Receive Instruction, Guidance & Processes To Experience Radiant Health & Well-Being!

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Vandana teleports you to the healing temples & sacred holy retreats to Meet & Greet Your 3D 4D & 5D:
~ Master Spirit Guide
~ Earth guides/Shamballah Guides From The Inner Earth
~ Akashic Teachers, Enlightened Ancestors & Ascended Masters
~ Solar Archangelic & Archeia (divine masculine & feminine guardians of light)

You will learn how to become a Divine conduit for:
~ Your Medical Team Of Divine beings who have been with you in past incarnations and between lives
~ Angelic Hosts on high to lift your spirit & help you relax & trust you are never alone
~ Saints, Avatars, Holy Helpers & Enlightened Beings who have volunteered to intervene for your greatest good with your permission and consent
~ Cosmic Mother & Your Divine Parents
~ Loving, kind & compassionate ancestors to vibrationally support you

You Will Receive Divine Protection From:
~ Negative Energies Or Energies From The Past
~ Random departed who just want to "talk" or hang out
~ Low vibration energies such as old thought forms
~ Earth bound spirits in your home or work place

All you need is an open heart & a willingness to break free of ancestral patterns, body bondage and soul enslavement so you can In-JOY your body & your life!

In Each Sacred Gathering, You Will Receive:
~ Healing Activations
-Master Attunements
-Sacred Healing Keys & Codes
-Star Medicine To Upgrade Your Divine DNA

The Spirit Doctors & Surgeons Wish To Gift You With:
~ Quantum Healing & Divine Downloads On How To Heal Imbalances & Align Misalignments In Your Bodies & Field
~ Sacred Star Medicine To To Nurture & Nourish Your Physical Body As It Shifts & Evolves Into A Divine Human
~ Experience The Highest Healing Outcomes For Your Mind, Body & Spirit Easily, Effortlessly & Non-Invasively

Each Week, You Will Receive Galactic Guidance & Ancient Wisdom On How You Can Start To Feel Better & Recover Faster From:
-Physical Pain
-Emotional Imbalances
-Spiritual Separation From Source
-Mental Overwhelm
-Past Life & Ancestral Karma
The Divine Healing Intervention Team assists us to:
-Receive Divine Inspiration
-Feel Safe In Our Own Bodies

Class Dates: February 1st, 8th, 15th, 21st & 28th, 2018

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