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Building apps with Flatiron.js and Node.js PRESENTED BY Charlie of Nodejitsu

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We hope you all survived the misery that Sandy brought upon NYC! Hopefully everyone's lives are mostly back to normal :)

HackDays is back this week with another look at Node.js ( led by Charlie Robbins, CEO of Nodejitsu (, a Node.js application hosting platform. This time we'll be learning how to use Flatiron.js (, which is a modular framework that provides many of the necessary pieces needed for building a modern web application with Node, as well as how to easily deploy your application onto Nodejitsu.

About Node.js:

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime which let's you easily build fast and scalable web applications using JavaScript. JavaScript was initially created as code that was executed by browsers. Node allows you to do system programming (like HTTP, reading files, etc.) which was previously not accessible with JavaScript.

If you haven't already, head over to ( and install node. It's really easy.

If you're unfamiliar with JavaScript check out this ebook: