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Meet with other users of the open-source programming language R. Previously, this meetup focused only on the R language, but is now focused on all open-source data analysis tools; including but not limited to, Python, Julia, C++, Stan, etc.

Learn and share tricks and techniques from and with other users. Beginners to advanced users are all welcome.

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Your Laptop is More Capable than you Think: Large Data with {disk.frame}

Another in a series of talks about using R with data too big for RAM, we have ZJ Dai discussing {disk.frame}.

Thank you to EcoHealth Alliance for providing the Zoom link.

Conversations during the meetup are encouraged in the monthly-meetup-chat channel in the nyhackr slack: https://nyhackr.org/slack.html

About the Talk:
Every R user has run into the "cannot allocate vector of size xxxB." error at some point. For most applications, R needs to load the data in its entirety into RAM. However, RAM is a precious resource and often runs out.

The {disk.frame} package solves this issue by providing a framework to manipulate data on disk and minimize RAM usage. By using {disk.frame}, the user can perform analysis on much larger data than is ordinarily possible with R. A modern laptop with {disk.frame} can handle 100GB's of data.

About ZJ:
ZJ is a data scientist with over fourteen years of experience in the banking and tech start-up space. He is the lead developer of {disk.frame}.

The talk will begin at 7 PM America/New_York and we will start admitting people to the event shortly before. Since this is completely remote there will be no pizza but everyone is encouraged to have pizza individually.

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