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The goal in creating this group is to unite all paintball players from New York and New Jersey who love the sport. Having a tough time getting enough of your friends to go paintballing? Then join us! This group is meant for those who enjoy being outdoors, making new friends, playing paintball, and above all having fun. We accept players of all experience levels, so as long as you're interested, we would be thrilled to have you join our events! As a heads up, most of our players are average, casual or new players.

Our goal is to also create a community of organizers as well so we can have a consistent number of group events throughout the year without having to put the burden of organizing on the shoulders of the same few people every time. There will be times where us organizers will just want to play at events than rather organize one; in those instances other organizers can step up to the plate and carry the torch. So if you're interested in organizing an event feel free to contact any of the co-organizers of this group.

This group is open to new and experienced players.

Girls and Guys, 18 or older.

Younger players must be accompanied by a legal guardian.


* Bring a beat-up pair of boots or high-top sneakers. We will be walking/hiking through the woods for most of the day.

* Wear 2-3 layers of shirts for extra protection and a thick pair of leggings, sweats, dickie coveralls etc. I've seen people wear snowboarding pants or hockey shorts (on top of their pants) for extra protection. I will likely have a t-shirt, long sleeve thermal plus another long sleeve military camo shirt and pants. If not you can always rent coveralls from skirmish for about $8 and wear it on top of your clothes.

* Bring a hoodie or skullie (or both) for extra protection of your head. The rental masks provided only provide coverage of your face from slightly below your chin to slightly above your forehead.

* Bring thin gloves (baseball batting gloves are perfect) to protect your hands & knuckles.

* Bring extra money for food, upgrades and accessories. Beyond the minimum $100 you will spend on admission, bus and paintballs, as a new player, you may want to look into upgrading your gun for an additional $20 or buying gloves, neck protector or coveralls. You can also visit your local paintball shops if you wish to buy & learn about this stuff before arriving to Skirmish. You can also visit Skirmish.com or call them for pricing on these items.

* As a recommendation to the new players who are willing to make some extra investments for this trip; I would invest in a full head paintball mask which can range from $30-$50, gloves (paintball & baseball batting gloves practically the same thing) and a neck protector. It's Worth the investment in my opinion if you see yourself paintballing again in the future.

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