Wed. Morning Reinaldo Salgado Pick-Up


Permits have been issued to all the usual fields. Setting this for Reinaldo Salgado field. Please be on the lookout for changes and check the site for updates before heading out on Wednesday!

Please arrive on time; if you have any issues please message the group or update your RSVP so we can plan the games accordingly.
Please bring both a white and dark shirt to help us divide teams.

Before signing up for this game, please make sure to read what this group is about at the About Us section! :)

The small fee we ask of each player (at least $3 per session) supports a great program that the Soccer Project has worked with since 2011: The Wishi Project (

We first helped The Wishi Project to construct part of a new school for a remote, rainforest village (Wishi) in Ecuador. Then we helped staff the school and supply it with such crucial resources as books and electricity. Soon thereafter, we contributed funds and our knowhow to the construction of an all-season soccer field at the school. This year (2019), we will be helping the village build a bridge that connects the community more safely to the school's locale. Your player-fees, this year, will go directly to Wishi for the building of this bridge.

Also, you have the opportunity to volunteer in Wishi this year, to help build this bridge. And while you're there, we'll be organizing a soccer tournament in which you can play!