Monthly Sunrise Meetup

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Oahu Photography Group
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Every 1st Saturday of the month

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Join us at the Hawaii Kai Starbucks every first Saturday of the month to grab coffee, decide and depart for the best sunrise location based on weather, wind, sun direction and group vibes. With a little bit of luck you will go home with amazing photos and a few new friends!

We ask that you arrive on time as the group will most likely depart no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled time. If you missed the departure time then please check the comments below to see where the group went. We also ask that you be a little flexible regarding location decision as it may be a spot that you have recently visited. This event is all about getting up early and hanging out with a few other happy photographers while capturing an epic sunrise. We will not be disappointed if you choose to go elsewhere after the location has been decided.

A few recommendations: Wear slippers but bring your shoes and leave them in the car if not needed. Consider wearing shorts that can get wet. There is a chance you could be walking in water up to your hips so use a backpack to carry all your items. Bring a headlamp or a flashlight as it will be dark while walking and setting up. Keep a rain jacket and an umbrella in your car. Bring a sturdy tripod and a remote shutter if available. A remote shutter will allow you to capture long exposures well over 30 seconds. Charge your batteries and empty your memory cards the night prior, but don't forget them in the morning! Always smile because it's going to be a great day!

Any questions please post in the comments.

Liability Waiver: The Oahu Photography Group and Hawaii Photography Tours assumes no responsibility, liability, and/or fees for injury, damage, loss, accident, defects, or irregularity to cameras, equipment, vehicles, persons, and/or other related categories whatsoever. You agree that this activity you are attending is at your own risk and all incurred cost associated with the above is not levied on the Oahu Photography Group or Hawaii Photography Tours.

Photo Release Disclaimer: By attending the Oahu Photography Group workshops, meet-ups and events there is a chance you will be filmed, photographed and/or interviewed on the activities you perform during the event. You agree that we (organizers) have permission to photograph, video tape and/or interview you and your gear. You also agree that I (Chris Rose) have your permission to use these photographs, videos and interviews on the Oahu Photography Group Meet-up pages and Hawaii Photography Tours website, social media and advertisements including flyers, posters, web graphics and other marketing campaigns. As a way of saying thanks, I would be happy to send you a full-res copy of any published photo in which you are displayed.