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What we’re about

A place for people who communicate with spirit/ loved ones/ guides to talk about their experiences, practice readings, build community, and meet others who share similar experiences. <br>

<br>About me/why I wanted to create this meet up:

I have been consciously connecting with spirit in one way or another for at least the past 17 years. It began a few years after I lost my mother. I have taken a couple of mediumship workshops as well as psychic-related meditation classes, and have practiced readings (some mediumship-related readings, but more psychic readings) over the last several years (not paid readings though). I have been seeking mediumship community in the San Francisco bay area for a long time. Though there is a great deal of spiritual awareness and there are opportunities to create spiritual community in general here, it has been quite a challenge to find mediumship community specifically. I wanted to start this meetup in order to help us to meet one another! I have discovered how crucial community is especially when life experience includes talking to spirit-- an experience that few truly understand in our culture. I thought we could simply get together, chat in general, and practice readings on occasion. I would like to have some gatherings dedicated to simply connecting/discussing experiences and enjoying being around like-minded folks. I would like to have other gatherings dedicated to practicing readings for those interested in further developing their ability. I'm not sure how long I'll have the capacity to manage a meetup group but at the very least it would be nice to meet at least a few times and create community!