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Day of Writing & Healing Our Relationships with our Fathers

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New workshop in honor of Father's Day! We will be using shamanic techniques to access higher wisdom and bring in healing throughout the day... and we'll also be writing, talking and illuminating this primal, often difficult relationship.

Nine months before we arrived on this planet, the sperm of one man determined much of who we are in this lifetime - or did it? Did we choose our fathers, as some believe? Have we been blessed or cursed by our paternal lineage - or both at once? Whether our experience with our fathers was one of presence or absence, joy or grief, abuse, neglect or healthy love - or some complex, challenging combination of many of these factors - we all have plenty to say about this primal relationship. (And by the way, adoptees or others who were not raised by or with their biological fathers are very welcome, too.) Even if you never knew your father, and/or your father is dead, there is likely still healing to be done on the father imprint within your own being. This full-day class will give us a chance to dig deep, to write from our souls, and to do a lot of healing in the process.

Throughout the day, I'll lead the group through meditations that help to ground, center and strengthen us. We will co-create an atmosphere of safety, compassion, confidentiality, encouragement and support. Within that container, we'll alternate between writing prompts and sharing what we've just written. (Sharing will be entirely optional, and we won't be doing any critiquing.) By the end of the day, you will understand your father much more widely and deeply than before - and be well on your way to healing whatever needs healing within that relationship.

Please join us!


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