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Heal the Past TODAY by Retrieving Your Soul!

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Price: $95.00 /per person

HeartMind House

6853 Simson St. · Oakland, CA

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From the north: 580 E to Edwards, go R, go about 6 blocks, then R on Simson. Stay left & house is on left about 2 blocks down. Park on street and walk down driveway to front door.

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This powerful day-long workshop will teach you BOTH of the most powerful shamanic healing practices: Soul Retrieval and Soul Clearing. You will learn how to work with compassionate, wise inner guides and restore yourself to wholeness, joy, creative flow, energetic integrity... and more.

Soul retrieval is a practice that, quite frankly, all of us need to know and use - since soul loss is at the root of most of our depression, blocks, anxiety, addictions and relationship challenges. Most of us have lost many parts of our souls due to trauma over the years - and over time, this cumulative loss leaves us feeling fragmented and helpless.

Fortunately, there is a remedy: soul retrieval! Finding, healing and re-integrating your lost soul parts is an extraordinary process that can absolutely change your life.

One student wrote me: "I can't thank you enough. I literally feel like I was in a cocoon and I cam out and now I'm a butterfly. I'm blossoming now. I feel it!" -- C. S.

Soul clearing is the other key tool for physical, psychological and energetic health. Most of us have gotten stuck holding energies, emotions and imprints that are not our own. As children, we may have taken on our parents' "stuff;" people also often become energetically entangled with current and former romantic partners, siblings, and even friends. And some of us are so porous that we even take on the energies people we don't know. In order to be able to reclaim our power, heal, and live the lives we dream of, we need to clear out all that interference!

In this workshop, you'll learn how our guides can help us separate out what is truly ours from what is not. Often, we need to use a "differential diagnosis" process to determine which of our symptoms come from lost soul parts that need healing, and which come from foreign energies that simply need to be released. For instance, many people describe hearing negative inner voices that criticize or attack them. Often, this phenomenon contains both components: a wounded younger self that has learned to expect and internalize such treatment, and a foreign energy that has become lodged inside of us. Therefore, combining the practices of soul retrieval and soul clearing is much more effective than using either practice alone.

This day-long Soul Retrieval and Soul Clearing workshop teaches you fundamental healing practices that you will be able to use for the rest of your life. These tools are quite literally life-changing! Please note: to attend this day, you MUST already be familiar with the practice of shamanic journeying, and in contact with at least one compassionate guide. You may satisfy this prerequisite in one of numerous ways:

1) By attending one of my full-day journeying intensives (for instance, the one conveniently scheduled for the day before this class, so you can make a full weekend of it if you choose); or

2) By doing a private session with me; or

3) By learning the practice of core shamanic journeying with another teacher.

(If you have any question about whether your prior experience adequately prepares you for this class, just email or call and we'll figure it out together.)

Fee: My fee for this full-day workshop is only $95-$125, sliding scale. This is far less than half the cost of other such workshops in this area. (For instance, the Foundation of the Sacred Stream, where I studied, only teaches this material in a 2 1/2 day workshop, for which they charge $595.) However, because I'm passionate about keeping this work accessible, I also offer a sliding scale in cases of need. And as long as I have at least four full-fee participants signed up, I won't turn anyone away for lack of funds! So if you feel strongly drawn to attend (and have the necessary background) but cannot afford this class, please get in touch, and we'll find a way to work it out.

About me: I'm the author of 7 books, most recently Soul on Earth: A Guide to Living & Loving Your Human Life. I've had an active private healing practice in my own methodology, HeartMind Integration, for 11 years. For more information, please visit