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Shamanic Guidance & Healing Retreat by the River!

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Price: $350.00 /per person

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"Shamanic Healing Weekend by the River exceeded my expectations. It was magical, transformational, gentle, and rich. And it attracted a wonderful group of people with whom I now feel deeply connected--very unusual for me. Ruth is an extraordinary teacher. I most highly recommend this retreat to anyone who is ready to connect with their soul's voice and purpose." ( - Lilia

(unsolicited review from someone who came in July and is returning in October!)

If you're at a juncture in your life... wanting to move deeper into your soul's true purpose, but not sure how...

If you're tired of feeling stuck in old patterns or fears that originated much earlier in your life (or even in other lifetimes), and ready for a quantum shift...

If you sense you have a role to play as a visionary, lightworker, seer or healer in these troubled times on earth...

If you'd like to learn how to channel higher wisdom more easily and deliberately, either for your own benefit and/or the benefit of others...

If you feel called to deepen your shamanic practice and learn how to release negative entities, unravel curses, help departed souls move on into the light, or similar...

...then come spend a life-changing weekend of shamanic healing practice - accessing guidance, journeying, soul retrieval, energetic clearing and more - in a beautiful riverfront location just 90 minutes from Oakland! Meals provided; camp by the river for free! (or do an indoor slumber party sleeping on couches, pads on the floor, etc... or, stay in town at your own expense if you prefer.)

If you've been wanting to experience the power of shamanic work to connect you to your deepest self and your guides - or if you've already experienced that power, but want to go even deeper - this weekend is for you.

We'll meet from Friday early afternoon through Sunday early evening, letting our guides - and the land and waters - heal, illuminate and rejuvenate us. (Saturday morning arrival is also possible, if necessary - though spending two nights rather than one will allow for a deeper experience.)

Here's the tentative schedule:

FRIDAY, 12:00-2:00

Arrive any time after noon and get situated for the weekend. Lunch foods provided, eat on your own after setting up your tent or while sunning yourself by the river.

2:00-6:00 Shamanic Journeying Intro/Refresher

Since the Shamanic Journey is a powerfully transformational tool we'll be using all weekend, if you don't know how to journey yet, you should definitely plan on being here. If you know how to journey already, come anyway and ease (or dive!) back into the power of working with your guides in this way.

6:00 Dinner

7:00 Fire on the beach. Drum, journey, connect with the land and river spirits - and if we're lucky, the coyotes may sing along with us!


Schedule to be determined according to participants' needs, but will likely include intensive work in soul retrieval (retrieving parts of your soul that became disconnected due to trauma) and energetic clearing (releasing energetic imprints that don't belong to you, and restoring your energetic integrity.)


Workshop tuition plus 7 simple but delicious meals - Friday lunch and dinner, 3 meals on Saturday, Sunday breakfast and lunch - is only $350.

Payment plans available. If you feel drawn to attend, I'd love to help make that possible. I'm also willing to consider partial scholarships in exchange for cooking and/or cleaning help!

And if we haven't yet met, check out the many outstanding reviews of my Meetups on this site, and learn more about me and my work at (And if you have questions, email me your phone number so we can chat.) I've been working shamanically for many years now, and it has transformed my life. I love to share this work!

In love,