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Oakville Zen Meditation Centre. Zen Master's home.
Please check the site ( to find out about Zen buddhism philosophy and the purpose of meditation and to have access to the teaching material filed under Blog. Thanks. Arnaud Painvin, Zen Master. When you plan to attend at home: Thurs 7pm • It would be greatly appreciated if you were to make a donation of one Loonie to cover some of our expenses including the cost of two (2) websites. For this purpose a basket in a yellow paper bag is available by the entrance. Thank you for contribution. Avoid small coins. • Be on time sharp. • If you are new, please comes 15 to 20min. before for introduction. • Avoid wearing fragrance. • Dress comfortably since the room is not overheated. • Turn off your cell phone. • Let me know if you cannot attend for the whole session Thanks. Catherine for Arnaud (Dharma Zen teacher).

Painvin's home

2433 lakeshore road east · Oakville, ON

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Zen Master G.Arnaud Painvin, MD is the teacher of the Oakville Zen Meditation Centre. Born in Paris France he moved to Canada with his wife following their MD graduation. After post graduation training in Toronto he became cardiac surgeon and practiced in Houston, Boston and Toronto before retiring few years ago. He is married to Catherine. They have lived in Oakville since 1985 and their 2 sons are married.

Following a severe stress-related depression and PTSD in 1989, he decided to explore the therapeutic value of Mindfulness Meditation (MM) based on the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn and took the 6 months formal training in MM in 2001 at the Toronto General Hospital. He was so impressed with the benefits of MM confirmed by psychometric test that he decided to practice daily meditation and started teaching this wonderful therapy since 2002. The therapeutic value of meditation led Arnaud to become interested in the spiritual aspect of it. He started to study Zen Buddhism in 2001 and took the Zen Buddhist Precepts in 2006. In 2013 he received the spiritual transmission from his Korean Zen Master Venerable Hwasun Yangil and became a Zen Master with the name of Ji Gong.

As you may know Zen Buddhism is not based on faith per-se, doctrines, dogmas or scriptures but rather on strong personal spiritual practice based on common sense, down to earth existential philosophy designed to alleviate suffering from self and mainly to others. We do not preach a so called divine truth but just reality and facts and we are not looking to promote our stuff.

Arnaud is practicing and teaching simple, down to earth non ritual modern Zen Buddhism adapted to our western civilization with emphasis on mindfulness Zen meditation called Zazen. He teaches twice per week: once in his home in East Oakville on Thursday and once at the Maplegrove United Church on Saturday. See calendar.

Oakville Zen Centre is a 200% team work shared by his wife Catherine in charge of the administration and organization and assisted by our little and very friendly 10 years old Shih Tzu dog called Zap in charge of the welcome. Zap is a great Zen Master (see blog #1 in

" I am not special, not dogmatic, do not walk on water, don't take myself too seriously, make mistakes all the times and enjoy wonderful questions and challenges from students so I can learn from them. My job is to try to help others with their struggles the best I can thru the practice of meditation and the teaching of Zen Buddhism philosophy".

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