What we're about

What we're about

Let's get together and code! We are a Meetup that is dedicated to sharing ideas and learning about web development and the related technologies specifically for those that are new to the world of web development. We want to provide opportunities for others to gather to share ideas, concepts, solve problems, network, learn or simply have fun with web development. We are looking to host a Meetup at least every month if not more to further our goal of sharing information and knowledge around web development.

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OC: Shipping with confidence: Testing React Applications w/ Ben Johnson

LearningFuze Web Development

Hi JavaScriptLA Orange County fans, this meetup is going to show you what to do in order to boost your confidence about the code you write. Feel like you’re crossing your fingers before every release, hoping for the best? Or feel like QA is always finding regressions? Afraid that writing tests is going to take so long that you miss your deadlines? We’re gonna take a look at what a holistic testing strategy looks like and ways that you can sell it to your company. Then we’ll get some hands-on experience writing some automated tests together to see their potential to increase confidence in the code that we push to production. Lastly, we’ll have some time for Q&A to address any burning questions you might have about adding automated tests to your workflow.Ben Johnson is a frontend engineer with a passion for clean UIs and readable code. He has been working with JavaScript and React for a couple years after a past life as a freelance musician. You can follow him on Twitter https://twitter.com/benjamminj or Medium https://medium.com/@benjamin.d.johnson to see what he’s been up to lately. Contest Snap a selfie of yourself as at the Meetup tonight, follow and tag @javascriptninja on Instagram.com/javascriptninja (to be entered into our monthly raffle - someone will win a free workshop ticket, book or Udemy course - value up to $25). LearningFuze is the top rated web development bootcamp / coding school in Southern California.

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