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OCRuby Meetup: Keeping your apps email out of the SPAM folder

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We have a new speaker and location this time! We'd like to thank SendGrid for providing the speaker, location, and food!

6:30: Doors open socialize 7:00: Presentations After that: free for all Abstract:

James Gary: Test-Driven TDD Development: How to Manage Redundancy in Tests

Developers love clean, concise code. The DRY principle states that "Every piece of knowledge must have a single, unambiguous, authoritative representation within a system." However, when writing tests, this principle gets lost in the fury of trying to make tests readable, comprehensive, and passing. Using Rspec and the minimalist philosophy of Sandi Metz, you can write unit tests that you won't hate. We'll also discuss the intrinsic weaknesses of unit test suite and the purposes of higher level testing to make your app bulletproof (or at least less bullet-permeable).

Victor Bonacci: Keeping your apps email out of the SPAM folder

Keeping your email out of the spam folder is tougher than you might think. Over 20% of legitimate email never makes it to the inbox. Customers quickly become frustrated when they don't receive important messages like password resets, online purchase receipts, shipping notifications and registration confirmations.

Drawing from his experience at SendGrid, which has delivered over 110 billion emails on behalf of over 100,000 customers, Elmer will teach you the factors that determine whether your email will hit the inbox and the practical steps you can take today to avoid the SPAM folder and ensure that your customers receive the communications they expect.